Players share their thoughts on the 2023 Player break which will take place from June 12 – July 9, 2023.

The Counter Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) recently announced the dates for the 2023 CS: GO player break which will take place before the CS: GO Major next year.

One of the reasons for this decision was the community discussion on the teams' performance (or lack thereof) post-Major. However, announcement came as a surprise to some pro players who were not aware of this decision, expressing their surprise on social media in reactions to the announcement.

When asked about the CSPPA’s decision, apEX, who is on the CSPPA board, explained what he things went wrong and could have been better. Magisk also chimed in saying both players and CSPPA were at fault and the situation could've been handled better by both parties.

“So the main problem that happened is that both (sides) have been handling this pretty badly. The first one is us - The CSPPA. We have a group on WhatsApp where we normally have all the players. We asked this question and unfortunately what is really hard with players is to reach them. 

It's really hard to reach the players and make them answer any question. So what happened is the people that are in charge of the CSPPA, they just decided that if it's silence, it's a ‘Yes’. And as four people answered, and the rest were silent, it (the decision) was a yes. 

It’s such a big problem, it concerns everyone. It shouldn't be handled like that. It should be handled like re-asking again, doing a vote or whatever. And I think it's been handled really bad in that way. 

apEX explains the decision-making process behind the CSPPA player break decision.

His teammate Magisk also chimed in explaining why it was difficult for the CSPPA to come up with an optimal solution. 

I think the main thing is that both players and the CSPPA are at fault. It's always easy being on social media but I think we should have handled it internally and talked about it before going on social media. I think that's always the best. And usually we have been very good at it but ... 

I think it could've been handled better by both parties. That's something we have to review and do better for next time. It's important that we talk about these things behind the scenes to how we can improve and stuff like that. It's on both parties and it's something we cannot blame only CSPPA for this.

Magisk on the issue of the CSPPA 2023 player break

Players react to CSPPA 2023 player break dates

On the first of July 2022, the CSPPA announced the dates for the 2023 player break. The tweet said this decision was taken after consultations with TOs, players and other community members, 

But soon after the tweet, several players and community members reacted with surprise. . It was clear from these reactions that some prominent members of the professional scene were unaware of this decision. The G2 General Manager confirmed on Twitter that they were not consulted before this decision.

A surprised Karrigan.
A surprised Karrigan.
G2 manager, NiaK and Rejin react to CSPPA announcement.
G2 manager, NiaK and Rejin react to CSPPA announcement.
Zonic on the new player break dates leaving only 10 days for vacation.
Zonic on the new player break dates leaving only 10 days for vacation.
Bymas reacts to CSPPA announcement.
Bymas reacts to CSPPA announcement.

In a follow-up to its original tweet, the CSPPA said it will engage with Valve and community stakeholders for optimal solutions to this problem

After a second place finish at BLAST Premier Spring Finals, Vitality will compete at the IEM Cologne 2022. They will face TYLOO in their opening match as they attempt to qualify for the group stage.

IEM Cologne 2022 kicks off on July 5 with 24 teams and a million-dollar prizepool. The tournament kicks off with a play-in stage which will send eight teams to the group stage.

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