CSPPA has announced the updated Summer Player Break Date for 2023. The New Break runs from June 12 to July 9.

Our article dated June 7, 2022 discussed the CS:GO player break's scheduling and how it impacts teams, especially major winners. Of note was the statistic that only one major winner has parlayed that success into the next S-tier event win. The conclusion? The Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) needs to schedule the player break immediately after the major to prevent, post-major burnout.

Today, they have finally answered. The CSPPA has announced a change to the scheduling of the Summer Player Break. The break that was previously scheduled from Mid-July to Mid-August, will now run from June 12 to July 9, starting in 2023.

The association has shared that it reached the discussion after consulting the matter with tournament organizers. The change was made in order to split the year into more even seasons.

New Summer break splits seasons more evenly

The official summer break has been in place since 2017. Aimed at giving top-tier players the chance to recharge their batteries between the two halves of the season. The break ensured that no big event would be held during that period of time. Originally set for August, the CSPPA has moved the player break to mid-July in the past few years.

The winter break has typically been set for around Mid-December to Mid-January, splitting the seasons unevenly. But now with the updated summer break, the seasons will be split more evenly with both lasting close to 5 months.

Karrigan's FaZe Clan Fell Victim to the Post-Major Burnout After PGL Antwerp 2022
Karrigan's FaZe Clan Fell Victim to the Post-Major Burnout After PGL Antwerp 2022

CSPPA promises better Major-break synergy

With Valve targeting to hold the 2023 Major in Late-May, the break currently stands 2 weeks after the end of the Major. Depending on the exact dates, this could mean that the Major winners for 2023 will finally have a much-deserved and needed break before they set on their next campaign. Will these changes be the starting point for a more comfortable pro scene in the future? Only time will tell.

For now, these changes reflect the continuous improvement shown by the CSPPA and its new Board. And combined with CSPPA's promise to work with Valve and other Shareholders on the scheduling of the Major and the Break, they point to a better future schedule.

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