Check out all the latest skins from CS:GO’s 11th operation, Operation Riptide.

Valve has unleashed a metric ton of skins on an unsuspecting CS:GO audience, 2 months earlier than they normally would have. This is part of Operation Riptide, CS:GO's latest operation, which will last until February 20, 2022.

Operation Riptide Skins that players will be able to earn come in a variety of cases, including the Riptide case, which features 17 weapon skins and Gamma Doppler knives as rare special items.

Also dropped today was the Riptide sticker collection, the 2021 Train collection, the 2021 Dust 2 collection, 2021 Vertigo collection, and the 2021 Mirage collection. Each of the map skin collections contains 19 skins, meaning Valve dropped over 100 weapon skins and stickers on the CS:GO fanbase all at once. Below, we've assembled each skin in Operation Riptide for your viewing pleasure.

For the collections, you will not need to buy a case key. Instead, you just need to buy the Operation Riptide pass, then earn mission stars which can be used to redeem a random skin from a collection of your choice. You also have a choice of rarity for both the Agent Skins and the map collection skins.

Or you could bypass that altogether and hit the Steam Marketplace. The Riptide case is a bit more traditional, needing a case key to redeem for a chance at the 17 new skins.

Operation Riptide Case

Operation Riptide Skins: The 2021 Train Collection

Operation Riptide Skins: The 2021 Mirage Collection

The 2021 Dust 2 Collection

The 2021 Vertigo Collection

You can check out the rest of Operation Riptide over on the CS:GO website. You can also visit our breakdown of the major changes in this operation, as well as a full breakdown of new features added in the operation, right here on

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