Valve has added Short matches to CS: GO to compete with Riot’s Valorant. The Short matches feature a total of 16 rounds and the first to reach 9 wins the match.

Valve has finally announced a new CS:GO operation after days of teasers and cryptic messages on social media. The 11th operation in CS:GO history brings new maps, new game modes, a short match option, private queues and more.

CS:GO Private Queue

CS:GO players can now organize their private matches on Valve servers. The new Private queue feature allows a group of friends to match among themselves. You can also solo queue to have the matchmaker sort you into different teams.

An extension of the private queue is the Steam Group Private queue. Every Steam Group has a Private Queue Code that only its members can use, allowing established Steam Groups to host their private Premier matches on Valve servers. The operation also adds the Riot Shield in casual hostage maps. This heavy weapon is only available to Counter-Terrorists. 

CS:GO adds Short Matches to Compete with Valorant

You can select your desired match length in CS: GO.
You can select your desired match length in CS: GO.

CS:GO games usually last for a maximum of thirty rounds. But sometimes this is just too much for an average gamer who does not want to invest so much time into a match. Valorant shook the FPS space by introducing first-to-13 match lengths, bringing down the time required for a game. Valve wants to go a step further with the introduction of Short matches. Short match is a competitive 5v5 experience in a best of 16 format. The first team to reach 9 rounds wins the game. Valve says each match lasts approximately 25 minutes and should be an interesting feature for those looking to get in a quick match of CS:GO. 

The competitive experience is now available in two match-lengths, MR16 and MR30. Both the game modes affect a player's skill group.

Operation Riptide adds Free-for-all and Team Deathmatch

3 Deathmatch modes in CS: GO.
3 Deathmatch modes in CS: GO.

There have been some improvements to the Deathmatch as well. CS:GO players can now finally access free-for-all deathmatches. Free-for-all DM makes everyone, including your teammates, a target. It is a great game mode for practicing your aim and reflexes.

The first team to reach 100 kills in Team deathmatch wins the game. This game mode requires collaboration and working together with other players to win. 

What are the new Maps in Operation Riptide?

As is the case with any new operation, Valve has added a bunch of new maps. We finally see the return of Insertion (this time as Insertion 2) in the list of five new maps.

Operation Riptide pass costs $15 and will last until February 20th, 2022. CSGO players can read everything that's new in Operation Riptide here.

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