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CS:GO community funds a $4,500 ‘Surfing’ tournament

Ever heard of CS:GO Surfing? Well, there is now a $4,500 World Championship for it.

Ever heard of CS:GO surfing? The popular mechanic allows players to slide throughout maps, gliding at intense speeds. Now, the Counter-Strike community is funding a $4,500 CS:GO Surfing World Championship.

The tournament, being held by Twitch Streamer Caffrey, is totally community funded and is even taking extra donations to add to the prize pool.

So what exactly is CS:GO Surfing?

What is CS:GO Surfing? And why is there a $4,500 tournament for it?

CS:GO Surfing, first founded during the times of CS 1.6, is a mechanic where players can glide across surfaces. The ability was discovered when a player slid off a roof in a custom map, falling to his death.

Players first have to run, jump and air strafe onto a descending slope. Then, you need to either hold A or D, moving you to the side you are wishing to land. This fast-paced gliding became a skill that many CS:GO players attempted to learn.

CS:GO Surfing Tournament (Image via LiquidSky)
CS:GO Surfing Tournament (Image via LiquidSky)

And now, these players are going to be able to win money from it.

The $4,500 tournament currently holds some of the best CS:GO Surfers in the world, and has had quite a few players competing.

The tournament has no official dates as of now, or at least published, so knowledge of when the Grand Finals is set to take place is unknown.

Hoping to find a CS:GO Surfing server to take part in? Check out a list of servers here!

Regardless, esports is thriving because of these small community ran events. Hopefully, more games end up following suit and start hosting fun and exciting small tournaments.

Community-funded tournaments in esports continue to grow

Everyone loves watching a large-scale, professional esports tournament, but there is something about those small community ran events that really get fans excited.

CS:GO Surfing Tournament (Image via Wikipedia)
CS:GO Surfing Tournament (Image via Wikipedia)

Games like CS:GO, Fortnite and more have been running quite a few of these tournaments lately, and the numbers only seem to get bigger.

This leaves room for an exciting future for the esports community.

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