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How to find good CS: GO surf servers?

Chill your way in CSGO with a variety of surf servers.

A game of CS:GO can be stressful. You might have 35 frags but your teammate suddenly decides to grief and intentionally lose the match. While some players tend to immediately find a new game and carry their frustrations onto the next game, some prefer to relax.

If you don’t want to get off your gamer chair and drink a glass of water (remember to hydrate!), you can choose to calm down in CS: GO. Yes! It's true. Just hop on to a surf server and relax as you try to not only improve your game but also leave the frustrations of the previous game behind.

What is Surfing?

Surfing is a type of game-mode in Counterstrike that has been popular since the game’s 1.6 days. Essentially you won't be shooting at opponents but just gliding through a few slopes. Your goal is to not fall off these slopes and master your movement. You also look cool flying off various surfaces. It might sound easy and boring, but it is very, very challenging. Seasoned pros surf to improve their gameplay and master their movement all the time. With not much at stake, it is a very relaxing experience for players.

Surfing improves your mouse-control and movement. You have better control over your gameplay and can often use it to get to a bomb-site really fast. CS:GO is a game of seconds and reaching the B bombsite a few seconds earlier than the enemy can be the difference between a round victory or loss.

How to find surf maps?

There are numerous surf maps available in the CS:GO community servers. Surf maps offer an opportunity for CS:GO players to relax between games or just improve their mobility. 

Once you are inside the game, click on Play and go to the Community server browser. This option will give you a list of all community servers (including non-surf maps). 

<em>Click on ‘Play’ - Community server browser.</em>
Click on ‘Play’ - Community server browser.

Once you are in the browser, type in ‘Surf’ in the search box. You can now see all community servers with ‘surf’ in their name. There are usually dozens of servers available at any given point in time.

<em>There are always several community servers online at any point in time.</em>
There are always several community servers online at any point in time.

Some surf servers have tiers in their names. Tier 1 is usually the easier ones while Tier 5s are for the more experienced surfers.

<em>Players can choose servers with lower tiers if they are just starting out.</em>
Players can choose servers with lower tiers if they are just starting out.

It is also advisable to choose a server which already has some players if you are just starting out. It can help you learn how to surf or just marvel at others.

And that’s it! You can spend as much time as you want on these surf maps.

What are some good surf servers?

Beginners can opt for easier surf maps such as surf_beginner by Kyuuuz. Surf_rookie by kEizzzed is also a good place to start. You can just click on Subscribe and the Steam client will download the map the next time you launch CS:GO. 

More experienced surfers usually already have their preference of surf maps. However, here are a few maps that might be challenging for veteran surfers.

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Featured image credit: minmatic (creator of surf_mesa).