After a 7 month wait, Valve have finally released a new case for CS:GO. The Revolution Case brings 17 new finishes to players.

After over 7 months since the Recoil Case was released, Valve has released a new case. The Revolution Case brings in 17 new skins and covers almost every frequently used gun in the game. Alongside the new case we are also getting a new sticker capsule and music kit.

Revolution Case - First Case since Bravo to have all 4 primary rifles

The Revolution case contains a new skin for all 4 of the iconic rifles, namely - M4A4, M4A1, AK-47, and AWP. The case holds the distinction of being the first case to have the entire set since the Operation Bravo Case all the way back in 2013. And unlike that case, the skins are all present in the higher tiers of the Revolution Case.

Alongside the M4A4 | Temukau and the AK-47 | Head Shot as the reds in the case, the set also features the Clutch Case gloves, including the ever-popular Sports Gloves and Specialist Gloves. Here are all the skins present in the case.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
image 7
image 8
image 9
image 10
image 11
image 12
image 13
image 14
image 15
image 16

Today we’re excited to ship the Revolution Case, featuring 17 weapon finishes from community artists and the gloves from the Clutch Case as rare special items.

Espionage Sticker Capsule

Alongside the Revolution Case, the update also includes the Espionage Sticker Capsule. With 21 new stickers across the four tiers, the set opens up more opportunities for players to show their creativity by combining the various sticker sets.

We’re also shipping the Espionage Sticker Capsule, with 21 unique stickers from Steam Workshop artists.

Denzel Curry ULTIMATE Music Kit

The final new item is the Denzel curry ULTIMATE Music Kit. The American rapper is best known for his songs “Walkin” and “Ultimate”, both of which are included in the kit. Alongside the hits, the kit also includes songs from his 2022 album “Melt My Eyez See Your Future”. Here's the MVP Anthem of the Music Kit.

With the game booming in popularity right now, these items are sure to be a smashing success. Stay tuned to for the latest CS:GO news and updates.