Valve replaces AWP Doodle Lore with AWP Duality following stolen artwork complaints cover image

Valve replaces AWP Doodle Lore with AWP Duality following stolen artwork complaints

The Revolution case featured stolen artwork and Valve has now removed the skin from the lootbox. Existing users will automatically see their AWP skins transformed.

The latest CS: GO update has replaced an AWP skin in the Revolution case following a case of copyright infringement. Valve’s actions follow a DMCA complaint by the original artwork owner.

The Revolution case was released as a part of the February 10 CS:GO update. The update saw the release of a new weapons case after nearly seven months of wait. As part of the case, there were 17 new skins and covers. There was also a music kit and a sticker capsule in it.

Valve replace AWP Doodle Lore with AWP Duality

In today’s update, Valve has replaced the AWP Doodle Lore with another skin - the AWP Duality. While the official blog update has not given out the exact reason for this change, there were already reports of DMCA complaints and copyright infringement for AWP Doodle Lore before today's update. 

Soon after the update went live it was found out that popular YouTuber and designer Vexx had already designed something very similar several years ago. The AWP Doodle Lore was submitted by Jimmba in the Steam workshop.

The striking similarities in the designs for the two AWPs left Valve with little option but to remove the AWP Doodle lore from the Revolution case.

There were similar doubts about the M4A4 Temukau in the Revolution case as well. However, those allegations were difficult to prove with the accused artist providing significant proof of his work process. F0rnez says he took inspiration but did not copy any designs. Some of the comments in his defense point out that there are usually vast similarities in anime designs. For now, there's M4A4 Temukau is still available in the Revolution case.

What does this mean for former AWP Doodle Lore owners?

In the past, Valve has removed certain skins from the game, making them contraband. With a limited supply of these skins in-game, these cosmetics would soon skyrocket in value on the Steam Market. Cosmetic skins like the M4 Howl, the Alpine set in Dota 2, and more have skyrocketed in value following the removal of these skins from the game.

All existing AWP Doodle Lore owners will see their skins replaced with the new AWP Doodle Lore. Some users have reported being able to see AWP Doodle Lore in the Steam Community Market. However, if you click Inspect in-game on the AWP Doodle lore Steam community marketplace page, it will take you to AWP Duality in-game. This suggests the item has already changed in the inventory, but Steam Market might take a few days to update.

There are some discrepancies in the max wear range for Doodle Lore and Duality. While Doodle Lore had wear range between 0 and 0.80, Duality's wear range is capped at 0.70. This presents a problem for CS:GO users who had a Doodle Lore wear range between 0.70 and 0.80 as it would not correctly map to AWP Duality. However, Valve is aware of this problem and we can expect a short fix soon.

February 15 CS:GO update patch notes

Here are the February 15, 2023, CS:GO patch notes.

  • The AWP | Doodle Lore has been replaced by the AWP | Duality in the Revolution Case
  • Existing AWP | Doodle Lore inventory items have been converted to the AWP | Duality

Ember Map Changes

  • Seasonal celebrations have ended in Ember land.
  • Map lighting, theme, textures, and models have returned to their pre-seasonal state.
  • Cave rock textures are now using $seamless_scale for improved texture quality and look.
  • Various texture improvements.
  • Fixed an area portal issue.

Note: A previous version of this article erronously stated F0rnez is the creator of AWP Doodle Lore. This has now been fixed.

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