Cloud9 will face BIG in the Grand Finals of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown for a spot in the Fall Finals.

In a surprise result, Cloud9 has eliminated G2 from the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The 2-1 victory puts Cloud9 just one match away from securing a spot in the Fall Finals. 

This loss marks a disappointing end to G2’s campaign in CS:GO. The team came into this event as one of the favorites and rightfully so. However, not being able to reach the Top two, is a disappointing performance by their own standards. 

G2 out of contention at BLAST Showdown

The series started on Anubis, where a dominant T-side performance by G2 was interrupted by stalwart defensive rounds. Cloud9 didn’t really put up a commanding performance in the first half, but they managed to get enough rounds to call it a respectable half. 

Most of these round victories were done via defusing the bombs. This points to the fact that G2 almost always managed to either eliminate Cloud9 players or at least plant the bomb.

But it was the second half that is the highlight of Anubis. G2 failed to win a single round, allowing Cloud9 to get 10 consecutive rounds to victory. Cloud9’s dominance on Anubis T-side stemmed from some incredible performances by Hobbit and Sh1ro. With 21 and 22 kills apiece, the duo were instrumental in the dominant T-side. 

G2 bounce back on Inferno

After the humiliating second half on Anubis, G2 once again started with a strong T-side on Inferno. The team did one better this time around thanks to some incredible shots by jks. With a 10-5 first-half lead, G2 only needed six more rounds to win.

But the memory of Anubis second half would haunt them. Fortunately, for them, the map Inferno presents a much better prospect on the CT side. They eventually won Inferno with a 16-13 score, taking the series to a third and decider Ancient.

The third map is where things turned around. G2 esports did not have the same level of dominance on Ancient as it did in the first two maps. In fact, it was exactly a turnaround for Cloud9 as they took a 10-5 lead on their CT side. After that, it was only a matter of time before Cloud9 secured the win.

This loss means G2 might not be playing any other CS:GO tournaments in 2023. In fact, NiKo was vocal about his criticism for the BLAST Showdown not taking place on CS2. 

Valve released Counter-Strike 2 on September 27 and featured several improvements. The new game has seen a positive reception and Valve has been shipping regular CS2 patch updates as well.

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