BIG await the winners of the match between Cloud9 and G2 esports.

A 2-0 victory over ENCE has ensured BIG is now one step closer to the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. They are now comfortably in the Grand Finals awaiting the winner of Clud9 and G2 esports. 

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is the final opportunity for teams to qualify for the Fall Finals later this month. The Fall Finals has a decent prize pool and is extremely prestigious, however, it also in turn, feeds to the World Finals later this year.

Today, BIG took a step closer to securing their Fall Finals spot by reaching the Grand Finals of the Fall Showdown.

"They played really well, we were not so good"

Snappi said on the broadcast after the game.

BIG take out ENCE

BIG eliminated ENCE after a 2-0 victory. They won 16-9 on Ancient and 16-10 on Anubis to reach the Grand Finals.

BIG looked extremely dominant on Ancient, although the result might also be partly due to ENCE’s lack of form. The Finns were missing several shots and looked very uncomfortable. Despite this, they still managed a respectable 9 rounds on Ancient, but it was obviously not enough for them to win.

Anubis also saw BIG take a captivating lead, with ENCE even losing both pistols similar to the first map. Coming back from losing all four pistols is always going to be a tough task and ENCE were simply not in the form required to win.

S1n and Krimbo topped the BIG leaderboard with 43 and 39 kills apiece. TabseN joined in at 40 frags to lead the team. The rest of the BIG roster were also above 30 kills highlighting just how even the distribution was across the German roster.

SunPayus had 39 kills to his name, but he simply did not get the necessary support from the rest of the squad. The Spanish player ended the series with a 76.6 ADR and a 1.14 rating. 

With this loss, ENCE are now out of contention for the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown trophy. They win $7,500 and finish the event in 3-4th place. Meanwhile, BIG will wait in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Grand Finals for their opponents.

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