FaZe, OG and Vitality first teams to qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 cover image

FaZe, OG and Vitality first teams to qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022

Three more teams will qualify to the Spring Finals. Who do you think they are?

The first three teams to qualify for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals are FaZe, OG and Vitality. The three teams won their Spring Groups Play-in matches to secure their spots for the Spring Finals. 

Vitality first team to qualify for Spring Finals

The Vitality vs G2 match was full of superstars. While Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut was one of the biggest stars on the server, there were several big names including Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen, Emil "Magisk" Reif, Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire. But there was one name that has been in the news recently for his potential as the next superstar. Former Navi Academy and current G2 player, m0NESY was one of the most exciting signings for G2 this season.

For me, I didn't have a lot of changes except for the language. I feel confident and comfortable on the team because not a lot has changed for me. I feel comfortable and confident. Like people say I need to kill, feel comfortable. There’s a good mood within the team; I'm really happy with this team.

Zywoo on the BLAST Premier Spring groups broadcast

The 16-year-old ended the series with 50 kills and a 1.05 rating. His consistency playing against some of the biggest names in the scene raises hope for a bright future. 

Inferno was a slow start for G2 esports, although they did manage a slight lead at the end of the first half. But G2’s T-side needed work as Vitality just gave away two rounds to win the inaugural map. Vitality ended Inferno with three players scoring more than 20 kills each. 

But G2 had other plans as a dominant performance on Mirage brought a ray of hope for G2 fans. Speaking of T-sides, G2 managed an 11-4 half before a clean CT side to finish the map with a 16-4 score.

Dust 2 was much closer with both teams going back and forth in terms of rounds. Vitality took the lead in the first half with a 10-5 score, and this included a one-clip ace by Zywoo. 

OG undefeated, secure Spring Finals slot

The series between OG and NiP was a labored one but the Swedes were constantly under pressure. Overpass started with a strong performance by OG who closed the map with a 16-4 score. NiKo ended the map with 21 kills and 111.8 ADR.

NiP is one of the strongest teams on Ancient but OG is also one of the stronger teams on Ancient. In fact, OG picked Ancient, a clear challenge to NiP. There was a lot of back and forth to kickstart the map as the first half was relatively close with a 8-7 finish.

However, NiP were slightly better on the T-side, with Hampus and Rez leading the team in frags. 

Mirage was yet another close series as qualification for the Spring Finals loomed on the horizon. After OG won the initial few rounds, NiP managed to string together eight rounds win from the next nine rounds. A similar performance by OG in the second half took the map to overtime. 

Eventually, OG won it out in Overtime. With the most entry frags as well as the most damage, Flamez had a big impact for OG in this BLAST Premier series. As the in-game leader for OG, Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski has a big influence on the team’s style and structure.

I think Nexa’s in-game style is a bit more laid-back. He intros the nades for his team, he is a bit more supportive as IGL. Like Im going first, Im creating the space for you guys. 


Nexa’s performance through the years highlights the shift in his playstyle. Screengrab via BLAST.
Nexa’s performance through the years highlights the shift in his playstyle. Screengrab via BLAST.

Nexa finished the series with 50 kills but it was Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski’s +27 KDA that tipped the scales in OG’s favor. Nexa’s playstyle and leadership might impact his individual performance, but it is all about elevating the rest of the team and achieving results. 

FaZe defeat BIG 2-1; qualify to BLAST Premier Spring Finals

We all knew that Ropz is going to be a firepower upgrade. Now we can also win games purely on firepower. If I have a bad day where I don't do the right thing or do the wrong calls, I still think we have a chance to compete at the top.

Now with Ropz, we have more consistency that will help us. He obviously had an insane group stage to win some of the maps for us.

Finn "karrigan" Andersen, BLAST Premier Spring Groups

The FaZe squad is really young but they have a lot of firepower. The team recently added Ropz to the roster and there has been a marked improvement in the results already. 

FaZe had an early lead on Dust 2 with a 7-2 start on the CT side. BIG clawed a few rounds back later in the half and followed it up with a Double AWP setup that proved to be difficult for FaZe to counter. BIG won six rounds in a row with this setup, before FaZe finally managed to win the last few rounds for Dust 2. Overpass was a wash as FaZe ended the first half with a 2-13 score. The final score was 2-16 as it was a relatively easy map for BIG. 

But FaZe had similar plans for BIG in the final map of Nuke. A 16-1 final score speaks for itself as FaZe marched through the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

These three teams have secured their spots at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals that will take place in June. 

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