Donk’s side emerged victorious against ZywOo and co. this time.

The first semifinal of the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 in London was an exciting clash between Team Spirit and Vitality.

Even though Vitality had the upper hand in terms of crowd support against Spirit, they couldn't hold on to their advantage after winning the first map of the series and saw Spirit run away with the victory.

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Spirit vs Vitality: Lineups

Magixx might not be Spirit's superstar, but he fullfils his role just fine (Photo by Michal Konkol via BLAST)
Magixx might not be Spirit's superstar, but he fullfils his role just fine (Photo by Michal Konkol via BLAST)
Team Spirit
Leonid "chopper" VishnyakovDan "apEX" Madesclaire
Boris "magixx" VorobyevMathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut 
Myroslav "zont1x" PlakhotjaLotan "Spinx" Giladi
Danil "donk" KryshkovetsShahar "flameZ" Shushan
Dmitriy "sh1ro" SokolovWilliam "mezii" Merriman

Spirit vs Vitality: Final score

Spirit 2-1 Vitality

1MirageVitality 13-11 Spirit
2Dust 2Spirit 13-9 Vitality
3AnubisSpirit 13-9 Vitality

Vitality vs Spirit: Recap

Map veto

  1. Spirit removed Inferno.
  2. Vitality removed Ancient.
  3. Spirit picked Mirage.
  4. Vitality picked Dust 2.
  5. Spirit removed Vertigo.
  6. Vitality removed Nuke.
  7. Final map is Anubis.


The Mirage game was everything fans want from an opening map in playoffs as the teams gave everything they got. Vitality kept Spirit humble in the first half thanks to an impressive CT-side all around and great highlights from ZywOo and flameZ that netted them a 10-2 advantage.

However, once Spirit and Vitality switched sides, it was the former who went on to dominate the game. Spirit got so close to completing the comeback and forcing overtime that apEX was already in full tilt mode as you can see in the clips below.

His team, though, didn't drop the ball and closed the map 13-11 off the back of a nasty double kill from ZywOo in Mid that opened up the A bombsite. ZywOo and flameZ combined for 43 frags in the Mirage game and paved the way for Vitality's victory.

Dust 2

As for Dust 2, we saw plenty of back-and-forth in the first half after Spirit got hold of weapons on their CT side and put a stop to Vitality's early dominance. It looked like it was going to be one of these games that go to overtime, however, Spirit put on a T-side masterclass that guaranteed them the map.

Even in rounds that Vitality had the right read, Spirit ended up winning the gun fights many thanks to Myroslav "zont1x" Plakhotia's prowess in cracking bomb sites or due to Vitality fumbling to pistols—twice. In the end, the combination of Vitality's mistakes and Spirit's strats, made the Russians win by 13-9.


Vitality started Anubis off strong as they dismantled Spirit's CT-side in the first four rounds. Spirit. though, found their rhythm eventually once they had money to afford the best guns and utility, which are a must to hold Terrorists in Anubis, but Vitality found three more rounds to win the first half by 7-5.

It seemed like the game was in Vitality's hands after they made a calculated risk following the pistol loss as they forced everything and won. However, in the very next round, a blunder from apEX cost them the entire B bombsite and their economy for the rest of the half as it was either win or save.

Great calls from chopper combined with the firepower of donk and zont1x proved too much for Vitality to handle, even though they had the right defensive setup in lots of rounds. The international team was sent home despite of all the crowd support, which cheered for mezii until the very end.

Full stats

Even though flameZ and ZywOo did a lot for Vitality, Spirit were the better team today (Screenshot via
Even though flameZ and ZywOo did a lot for Vitality, Spirit were the better team today (Screenshot via

Now that the first grand finals spot of BLAST Premier Spring Final has been defined, you can check the match between Natus Vincere and The grand finals, however, will only be played on June 16 so both teams can rest.

That's all for now. However, stay tuned to for more BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 content.