Vitality eliminated G2 esports from the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

G2’s fortunes were cut short despite mONESY making it in time for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024. Team Vitality eliminated G2 Esports 2-0 in the Group B elimination match and will now play in front of the London crowd at the OVO Arena Wembley. Following their victory over NiKo and co., Vitality Flamez spoke with on their victory, the team’s performance, and more.

Vitality eliminate G2

The BLAST Spring Premer Finals group stage saw Vitality defeat G2 esports 2-1 in the elimination match. G2’s final roster was not confirmed up until the very last  moment. The team was waiting on mONESY’s arrival from the airport and the youngster arrived just a few moments before the start of the match.

To be honest, if you can hear me, I’m pretty sick. So I don’t have enough energy to screa or give my 100%. But I’m always happy that we won and I have some time to waste tomorrow. So I’m happy overall. 

Vitality flameZ

Despite pinning their hopes on the youngster’s arrival, it did not help G2 as they succumbed 1-2 to Vitality. Flamez had 37 frags with a 72.7 ADR in the series yesterday. He came alive on the third map contributing alongside the rest of the squad. When we spoke to him after the match, the 20-year-old player was not at his best with a sore throat. Despite not feeling well, flameZ was a key contributor to Vitality’s performance yesterday.

Playing in front of the UK Crowd

This will be Flamez first time playing in London and he hopes that the fans will support their team. With Vitality featuring the only British player of the tournament, the local crowd would hopefully be cheering for them.

It’s my first time in England. I’ve never been here for any tournament or any occasion. To be fair, I’m very happy. William is English and the crowd should be cheering for us. So I’m very excited and I am happy. I’m very excited to get on to the stage.

Vitality flameZ

The BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024 Playoffs take place in the OVO Arena Wembley from June 14-16, 2024. The final six teams that have made their way to the playoffs are Vitality, FaZe Clan, Virtus.Pro, Astralis, Team Spirit and Natus Vincere. Vitality will face off against FaZe Clan in the quarterfinals.