STYKO donates 20% of his CS2 sticker money cover image

STYKO donates 20% of his CS2 sticker money

Apeks player STYKO decided to donate 20% of the money from PGL Major Copenhagen CS2 sticker to raise awareness about mental health.

Martin "STYKO" Styk revealed on his personal X account that he will donate 20% of his CS2 sticker money. The Slovak player chose to divide this 20% into two different parts.

STYKO directed the money towards the mental health cause following the passing of two esports athletes recently. Of the 20% donated from the sticker money, 10% will go to David "Cynic" Polster's family and the other 10% to Karel "Twisten" Ašenbrener's institution.

STYKO warned about mental health (Image via PGL/Stephanie Lindgren)
STYKO warned about mental health (Image via PGL/Stephanie Lindgren)

STYKO and the decision to donate 20% of his sticker money

The PGL Major Copenhagen CS2 stickers came out last night after the final games of the Opening Stage. Already eliminated from the competition, STYKO from Apeks announced something unprecedented and decided to donate part of the money obtained from the stickers.

Apeks left the competition 1-3 after three defeats to Brazilian teams in the Major. At the Paris Major, the last CS:GO, the team was a semifinalist.

Cynic was a CS2 player and passed away at the end of January this year. Cynic was on BOSS, a team qualified for the RMR of the Americas and the player was no longer present.

Twisten was a VALORANT player for Vitality and passed away in the middle of last year. The player's family created the Twisten Foundation in order to raise awareness and support players experiencing mental health problems.

STYKO in his thread on X spoke about the importance of mental health in young esports players. The player in the announcement that he would donate 20% of the money from his CS2 sticker also lamented the death of both athletes. Check out STYKO’s text in full:

"I am going to donate 20% of my personal sticker money from the first CS2 Major. In recent news, there has been a topic we don't talk about enough in esports.

"Chasing trophies and wins in life is respectable, but it is never an easy path. Managing a well-being and mental health of young players is put aside in vision of pushing themselves to pursue their career. Sometimes, that backfires. And once it does, it is too late.

"CS2 world has been shocked by the news at the beginning of the year, when young American player cyn1c unfortunately passed away. He and his team, BOSS, were very close to making the Major tournament, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in.

"Last year, we were unable to help a young, talented player from my region, Twisten. He was chasing his dreams in VALORANT. While competing at the top level, he admitted to mental health issues and chose to be open about it. Sadly, the struggles he endured were too much.

"We need to avoid these tragedies. I'm donating 10% of my personal sticker revenue to cyn1c's family to help them cope with unimaginable loss. The other 10% goes to, created by Twisten's family in order to help teenagers with mental health battles.

"If you wish to help me raise awareness, a simple share would go a long way. If you want to take it one step further, feel free to purchase a 'Challengers Stickers capsule' in-game or donate directly to the foundation. Thank you."

The player had already revealed on his YouTube channel how much he had received in 2023 as a professional Counter-Strike player. STYKO has been detailed in the sources of income.