CS2 Major Stickers are out – All team and Player Autographs cover image

CS2 Major Stickers are out – All team and Player Autographs

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Stickers for the PGL Counter-Strike 2 Major are now available in the game as Valve has released a new update today. Team and Player autograph stickers are available in the game’s Major hub. Fans can show their appreciation for their favorite teams and players by purchasing these stickers. Here are all the stickers for the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major.

Team Stickers

The CS2 Major Stickers for the PGL Copenhagen Major are out. They feature Gold, Glitter as well as Holo versions. 50% of all proceeds from the stickers go to the teams or players and are an excellent method of supporting your favorite player or team.





Player Autographs [162 in Total]

There are 160 Player Autographs this year. Valve changed rules for Player Autographs prohibiting them from using third-party artists to create their signatures. This reportedly resulted in delayed stickers. 

So far, the community reaction to stickers, especially autographs, has been rather mild. Several fans have complained that the autographs look simpler than in previous years. This is not entirely unexpected since it is players themselves and not artists who are creating these autographs this year.