Valve working with AMD to fix Shader Compilation errors in CS2 cover image

Valve working with AMD to fix Shader Compilation errors in CS2

AMD Graphic card users may face some connection issues until the issue is solved.

Counter-Strike 2 released on September 27 and has been a community success so far. While the game does not have all the features of Global Offensive, there have not been too many complaints. And Valve has been on hand with regular updates to remove bugs and add more features. In the latest update, Valve has mentioned an issue with AMD GPU CS2 users that may cause connection errors. Here’s all that’s new in the October 2 CS2 update.

What’s new in the update?

The movement on some uncommon surfaces was not ideal. In fact, there was an undocumented ‘penalty’ for movement on mud surfaces. The latest update removes this penalty, allowing users to move at the published pace and keep up with the speed of the game.

Valve has also revealed there are a few shader compilation errors that occur while connecting to a server, primarily for AMD GPU CS2 users. The game publisher is working with AMD to provide a fix, but till then some CS2 players might be impacted with disconnects and failure to connect to server errors.

Apart from these, there are several UI improvements and small adjustments to the game. Most of the biggest tournament organizers.

October 2 CS2 Update Patch notes


  • Removed movement penalty on mud surfaces


  • Fixed a bug with shader compilation when connecting to a server that was causing hitches after connecting. Note that these hitches may still exist on AMD GPUs; we are working with AMD to address this


  • Fixed a bug where knife slashing couldn't be interrupted with an inspect


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and gloves
  • Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would create a fire ring in the air
  • Improved performance of molotov/incendiary fire extinguishing
  • Various improvements to weapon dropping and throwing
  • Various crash fixes

You can find the full patch notes here.

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