CS2 release Notes 2 – September 28 – CSTV and Demo recording disabled temporarily cover image

CS2 release Notes 2 – September 28 – CSTV and Demo recording disabled temporarily

CS2 Launch has been too much for the existing servers. It’s a good thing.

Valve has been active in providing updates to the game after CS2’s launch on September 27. The first update came within hours of the launch and Valve has already provided another update on the following day. Here’s what’s new in the September 28 CS2 release notes.

CS2 release Notes Disables CSTV and demo recording temporarily

The latest update fixes a lot of bugs in the game. For some players, the music kits were not audible after a round win or loss. Even the MVP music was not audible leading people to complain and wonder if their kits have transitioned to CS2. 

Even though CS:GO skins have moved over to CS2, people are anxious to see if they still work the same way they were supposed to in the previous title. Some streamers, such as XQC, even went a step further to trade-up high-value skins. The former OWL player got lucky to trade up extremely rare items within an hour of the game’s release.

The biggest change in the latest update is that Valve has temporarily disabled CSTV. The CS Demo viewer is also disabled temporarily to allow more players from all over the world to play the game.

CS2 replaced CS:GO and with it, more than a million players have transitioned over to the new game. Within 24 hours of the game’s release, there were nearly 1.4 million players playing the game concurrently. This is a temporary measure and Valve are already working on adding more server capacity to the game as soon as possible. 

CS2 Patch Notes - September 28


  • Fixed missing win/loss/MVP music in Casual


  • Put range clamps on r_fullscreen_gamma, r_texture_stream_max_resolution, and r_character_decal_resolution
  • Fixed smokes not rendering correctly on AMD GPUs on Linux


  • Adjusted grenade throw animations to reduce view obstruction
  • Fixed a case where players would float a few inches off the ground after spawning


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Mirage and Overpass


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers
  • Updated Phoenix Soldier balaclava from green to original red color
  • Fixed missing pouches on certain SWAT agents


  • Fixed a bug where loadout shuffle would never happen
  • Increased clickable area of sellback buttons in buy menu
  • Fixed a case where the death panel would stay on-screen after respawning quickly
  • Disabled CSTV and demo recording temporarily to increase server availability so more people can play

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