A good attempt by G2, but it wasn’t enough.

The suspense around G2 vs Vitality started with whether or not mONESY will compete and ended with which team would win. Ultimately, it came down to Vitality winning the series and securing their place in the playoffs. Unfortunately for G2 esports, this loss means they are out of the tournament. Esports.gg caught up with G2 Nexa after the match to talk about the team’s performance and how the uncertainty over mONESY’s arrival impacted the result.

Will he arrive? Will he not? The mONESY question

A lot of our focus was not on the actual game, but on who we were going to play the game with.

G2 Nexa

Right up to the start of the game, there was uncertainty about whether mONESY would be able to make it in time or not. The youngster is one of the most impactful players on the squad and his presence would definitely boost their chances of winning. Right after their elimination, G2 Nexa spoke with esports.gg, talking about how the uncertainty over mONESY’s presence impacted their performance and preparation leading into the series itself.

In a post-match interview with James Banks, mONESY mentioned that he was ready to play even one map. The player arrived at the venue a minute before the start of the match. He had not played Counter-Strike for two days amidst the struggle to secure his passport and reach the United Kingdom in time for the event.

The team’s coach had subbed in for mONESY on Day 1 when they faced off against Team Spirit. It wasn’t enough as G2 esports lost to Team Spirit in their opening series. While mONESY made it to Game 2 in time, it was without practice and any prep time. The player’s impact was clearly missing as he finished Inferno with 5 frags to his name, near the very bottom of the scoreboard. 

I think we just didn’t start the game off on our map pick of Inferno the way we should have started. We were not fully focused going into it and it cost us a lot.

G2 Nexa

Despite the problems surrounding mONESY, it wasn’t the only reason why G2 esports lost Inferno and the series. Team Vitality stepped up their game, having consistent reads on G2’s playstyle and countering them. Nexa acknowledged the same in the post-match interview with esports.gg praising the Vitality IGL for his reads and steering of the Vitality ship.

I think they also played a really good game and Apex had a lot of good reads. 

G2 Nexa

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