MongolZ and FURIA eliminated from PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major cover image

MongolZ and FURIA eliminated from PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major

A surprising exit for the Brazilian roster

MongolZ and FURIA find themselves eliminated from the PGL Copenhagen Major after losing their respective series. With these losses, the teams

paiN eliminate TheMongolZ

TheMongolz picked up Mirage as their map of choice. They were the favorites on this map. Right from the get-go, TheMongolz were able to break through the paiN Gaming defenses on both sites of the map. A first-half T side lead of 8-4 was a substantial one and paiN could not overcome this despite their best efforts in the second half. 

Usukhbayar "910" Banzragch finished the first map with 25 kills to his name and an 88.5 ADR. He was a part of several impactful rounds, including 1v2 clutches and playing the time to his advantage. 

The team could not carry on the same momentum on Nuke. They won the first four rounds, but after paiN Gaming got their T-side weapons, they won seven of the next eight rounds. 

Lucas "lux" Meneghini and Vinicius "n1ssim" Pereira stepped up when it mattered the most.

paiN won Nuke 13-10 before the nail-biting finish to the series on Inferno.

For several years, Inferno as always been the classic decider. Teams prefer to play on Inferno as it gives both teams a fighting chance. And today was no different. 

Both teams traded rounds throughout the map. But on Inferno, neither paiN nor TheMongolz were able to string more than three rounds at any point in time. Ultimately the map went into multiple overtimes before paiN secured the victory. A 16-22 loss was a heartbreaking one for the Asian roster, but they can walk back with their heads held high. 

FURIA eliminated

The other Round 3 Low match saw ECSTATIC go up against FURIA esports. ECSTATIC is a Danish roster while FURIA features some of the best players from Brazil. Boasting names such as FalleN, KSCERATO, arT and yuurih, FURIA’s Counter-Strike roster were the heavy favorite for this series. 

The series started with ECSTATIC marching ahead on the CT side of Overpass to a 9-3 first half. They only needed four more rounds, which they managed in the second half. Unfortunately, FURIA had no answers to ECSTATIC defense on Overpass, repeatedly walking into the staunch wall.

Inferno was a much closer affair and FURIA barely made it through. KSCERATO and Yuurih scored 27 and 25 kill apiece, clearly the differentiator between the two teams on this map. The map did go to overtime but FURIA were able to maintain their lead and secure the map.

Over on the third map, however, it was very similar to the first map of Overpass. Only this time around, FURIA had no answer or rather no proper defense against the ECSTATIC T-side performance. They lost the map 7-13 and with it the series 1-2.

What’s next ?

PaiN Gaming and ECSTATIC have secured their slot in the upcoming Playoffs. The PGL Copenhagen Major playoffs kick off on March 22, 2024 with eight of the best teams in action. 

The PGL Copenhagen Major has a $1.25 million prize pool. The teams compete for the title of being the first ever Counter-Strike 2 Major winner.