The initial success should be cemented in the group A winners match — for one of the teams to have a better start in the playoffs.

These teams were halfway through their group stage mission at BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. FaZe defeated SAW in their opening match. NAVI got the victory in their clash against Astralis. The tickets to the playoffs have been achieved, but one decision still remained — where the tickets would take the competitors. Winning the match means landing to the semifinal. Losing here leads to a quarterfinal against the third team from Group B.

The result may give FaZe or NAVI a powerful boost for winning the entire CS2 tournament! Everything about the Group A winners match is in this post on, including the live score, stream, predictions, information on the players, and some history between these teams.'s BLAST Premier: Spring Final coverage is supported by GG.BET, the international betting brand. Grab your special +200% deposit bonus with promo code ESPORTSGG.

Group A, FaZe vs NAVI: Live Score

The teams played on June 13.

FaZe 1-2 NAVI — NAVI wins

Score (Rounds)
1Dust2 (NAVI's pick)FaZe 5-13 NAVI
2Nuke (FaZe's pick)FaZe 13-9 NAVI
3Mirage (decider)FaZe 10-13 NAVI

Match recap

NAVI started super confidently in this match and won game 1 rather easily.

Game 1 (Dust2): The map proficiency 

FaZe Clan had a few good opening rounds in the first map. And that’s actually it! The team couldn’t deliver anything more than this — because NAVI did not let them.

Natus Vincere quickly adapted and got a wonderful streak on their T side. In the second half, they didn’t even need this initial period. NAVI just won the rest of the rounds.

That was a quick game, and it showed once again how strong the Ukrainian team is on Dust2.

Game 2 (Nuke): Switch sides

This map started much better for FaZe Clan. They demonstrated their top-level individual skills and secured a few rounds. NAVI struggled with the economy, and when they had rifles, FaZe still destroyed them with active offense.

It fell even to 0:7 for NAVI on the CT side. w0nderful got one with a great three sniper rifle kills. But beyond that (and two other rounds, like a time-out situation for FaZe), the game was disastrous for Natus Vincere.

NAVI played much better on the T side. They won the pistols and a couple more rounds with poor weapons on FaZe. But then, FaZe got their rifles and struck back. They reached match points, and NAVI did not have enough power for a flawless streak this time.

Thanks to this victory, FaZe took the match to Mirage.

Game 3 (Mirage): Power of comeback

NAVI looked so disjointed in the first half of this game! The individual play by w0nderful and jK were here, but that did not work against the team actions of FaZe. After a few failed clutch attempts, NaVi reached 0:7 before winning their first round.

That reset the spirit of Natus Vincere. They finally started to look comfortable attacking bombsites. And they forced money troubles on FaZe. It was NAVI’s turn for a streak: five rounds on their T side.

Starting the second half, FaZe won a very close pistol round, denying NAVI’s clutch once again. This time, the Ukrainian team got themselves together pretty quickly and did not let the game fall apart. NAVI tied the score after a few pretty good rounds. FaZe still got a few points, but they could not stop NAVI’s comeback.

Natus Vincere takes first place in group A to play in the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024 semi-final. FaZe Clan starts from the quarter against the 3rd team of group B (Vitality or G2).

Match format, predictions, and stream

It’s a best-of-three (Bo3) match, so to win here, the teams need to secure two games. The format still allows one mistake, but the space for a comeback is very limited. 

FaZe had a close-to-disastrous start in their opening match against SAW. The opponents quickly found their game, and FaZe struggled to respond — up to the start of the second half in Game 1. After that, the experience proved to be crucial in such a high level of competition. FaZe implemented many tricky strategies, like fake calls from karrigan to confuse SAW. In many moments, they overplayed the opponents on the individual level. 

FaZe won, but everyone expected them to be more solid in that match and without that drop in the beginning.

NAVI also had somewhat slow starts in their two games against Astralis. However, they recovered quickly and reached victory without overtime. In general, NAVI looked exceptional, and they had an objectively stronger opponent. It feels like they have more chances to win than FaZe.


To secure a spot in the semifinal, one of the teams has to win two games. The match’s format is Bo3. 

The stream is also right here:

FaZe and NAVI players 

Håvard "rain" NygaardValerij "b1t" Vakhovsjkyj
Helvijs "broky" SaukantsAleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen
Finn "karrigan" AndersenJustinas "jL" Lekavičius
Robin "ropz" KoolMihai "iM" Ivan
David "frozen" ČerňanskýIhor "w0nderful" Zhdanov

The history between FaZe and Astralis

These teams have been competing on the top-most level for quite a while. Still, the roster changes are real for them, especially for Astralis. So, it might be interesting to check out their recent matches.

Astralis defeated FaZe in the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 19 with a score of 2-0. Both teams proceeded to the playoffs, but both were eliminated by Team Vitality. 

The same match result was for Astralis and FaZe in the group stage of Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu 2024. Astralis won, but in the playoffs, FaZe defeated their opponents and eliminated Astralis from the tournament — to win the whole event later on.

We’ll keep informing you on everything interesting and important from BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024. Stay tuned to