The recent update has enabled Trust Factor again, raising questions from the community.

Yesterday's update to Counter-Strike 2 has brought back a key feature, Trust Factor. The feature acts as a community standing indicator and matchmaking factor for all players. With the belief in the scene that cheating is evermore rampant, can CS2 Trust Factor be the solution?

What is Trust Factor Matchmaking in CS2?

Counter-Strike 2's matchmaking algorithm is a complex machine, with Trust Factor playing a key part in it. Valve continuously updates Trust Factor, a metric that measures a player's standing based on past experience in CS2 and Steam.

Trust Factor is rightly shrouded in mystery in order to stop people from gaming it. But, some variables affecting the factor are known. These include:

  • Players reporting you in matches
  • Teammates muting you in matches
  • Griefing
  • Negative/Harmful Messages in the Game
  • Steam Community History
Image via Valve
Image via Valve

How to check Trust Factor in CS2

Valve provides no official way to check your CS2 Trust Factor. This is so that players can not easily optimize their ranking with access to the numbers. Trust Factor Matchmaking will try to match similar players, but like with CS2 Skill Groups, it isn't a guaranteed match. Still, there are ways to know your general Trust Factor range.

When you queue at a party where one of the members has a lower trust factor than you, CS2 will show you a warning. This warning indicates that the Trust Factor of that particular player will hamper your matchmaking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Valve has answered a bunch of questions on CS2's Trust Factor on its support page. Here are some important ones:

  • What factors are considered in Trust Factor matchmaking? - The system considers a variety of constantly updating factors, but these are not publicly available.
  • Can I check my Trust Factor? - Currently, there is no way to check your Trust Factor.
  • I am being shown a warning before queueing with a player. What does this mean? - These messages indicate a player in your lobby has a lower trust score than you and may negatively affect the quality of your match. As a player's trust factor improves, this message will appear to fewer users.
  • What can I do to improve my Trust Factor? - The only way to improve your Trust Factor is to be a positive member of the Counter-Strike 2 and Steam community.
  • Does Prime status improve my Trust Factor? - Yes. Phone numbers and Counter-Strike 2 Rank are among the new Trust Factor matchmaking factors.
  • Will new players have a low Trust Factor? - Not necessarily. A user's experiences on Steam and in Counter-Strike 2 impact Trust Factor.

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