No CS2 Major Stickers Yet – Community left waiting after March 19 CS2 Update cover image

No CS2 Major Stickers Yet – Community left waiting after March 19 CS2 Update

The Group stage is almost over – and the community wants the stickers!

A small update on March 19 has brought about some changes to the Major hub in Counter-Strike 2. Most of the biggest changes refer to the Major hub in the game. With some quality-of-life changes and visual updates, Counter-Strike players will find it much easier to follow the Major in-game.

The new update also has a few bug fixes, notably one error where the C4 would simply fall through the floor if dropped while planting. As frustrating as this experience could be - as you would simply have no means of winning the round then - it has now received a fix. 

The other big UI change is a popup confirmation before players launch the Training Day from the Play Menu. Now users will not accidentally load the Training Day in the game. It can take some time to exit the Training Day, which makes this popup confirmation a significant change in the user experience. 

With regards to the Copenhagen Major Hub, the elimination stage Pick’Em are now live with 13 qualified teams. There will be a total of 16 teams up for qualification at the end of the group stage. 

Community disappointed with lack of sticker release

The community is eagerly waiting for the Major Stickers.
The community is eagerly waiting for the Major Stickers.

At every Major, the community is eager to grab Player and Team Stickers which is a way for them to show support to their favorite teams and players. This year, Valve implemented some changes where autographs should be written by the player. Unlike previous years, third-party autograph submissions are no longer permitted.

The change in rules might have necessitated a few delays on the players' end to submit their autographs. The PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major group stage comes to an end on March 20, 2024. The game developer might release Major stickers following the group stage.

CS2 Patch Notes - March 19 

Here are all the Patch Notes for March 19, 2024.

Copenhagen 2024 Major

  • Elimination Stage Pick'Em Challenge is now active with 13 qualified teams (three more teams will qualify tomorrow). Elimination Stage picks can be updated and saved all the way until the first Elimination Stage matches begin
  • Added a reminder for players who purchased their Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass that the pass must be activated in order to become eligible for the Copenhagen 2024 Coin Challenges
  • Added a checkbox to show final Swiss standings in the Major Hub
  • Added ability to preview souvenir packages from the Major Hub
  • Various UI improvements in Copenhagen 2024 Major Hub


  • Fixed a case when C4 could fall through the floor if dropped while planting
  • Added a popup confirmation before launching Training Day from the Play menu

The PGL Counter-Strike 2 Major is the first Major after the new Counter-Strike 2 released last year. The tournament has a $1.25 million prize pool and features the best teams worldwide. The event has three stages: group, elimination, and playoffs. You can read more about it on