Complexity will have the chance to recover from the Major woes at ESL Pro League season 19.

Complexity's CS2 team are in Malta for ESL Pro League season 19 and will try to regain some form this week after failing to reach the PGL Copenhagen Major playoffs heartbreakingly in March.

The North American squad had the best start possible at the Major, having won their first two matches. They, however, lost three in a row and let the playoff spot slip from their hands. Complexity doesn't want to go through this again at ESL Pro League season 19, according to rifler Ricky "floppy" Kemery.

Not making ESL Pro League season 19 will mean 'problems' to Complexity

ESL Pro League season 19 will be Complexity's first CS2 tournament ever since they lost to FaZe Clan more than a month ago and missed the Major playoffs. And the team wants to avoid further disappointments.

"Not making the Major playoffs is definitely a sting," floppy told on Monday, April 29 during media day. "I think things could have gone differently against Vitality, I think we could have made the playoffs, so it's sadge. The bare minimum for ESL Pro League is to make playoffs. That is the bare minimum. If we don't do that, then we got serious problems, for sure."

Floppy explains why Complexity are having a hard time in 2024 thus far

Complexity are struggling to perform well in 2024 (Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via PGL)
Complexity are struggling to perform well in 2024 (Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via PGL)

When competition switched from CS:GO to CS2 in October 2023, Complexity looked above the rest of the curve. The North American squad were runners-up at IEM Sydney that month, the first S-tier event in CS2 ever, and got a top-four finish at the BLAST Premier Fall Final in November.

Since then, however, Complexity have fallen off a cliff. They didn't qualify for any playoffs throughout the rest of 2023 nor the beginning of 2024. For floppy, teams have started to anti-strat them a lot after they had good showings when CS2 officially launched.

"When you're winning a lot of games all the time, everyone is watching you, so people just know how to hard counter you. When everyone knows what you're doing, it's always going to be a bit harder to be able to perform. All we can do is just learn from the losses and keep plugging away at it."

- Floppy on Complexity's struggles in 2024

Complexity will kick off their ESL Pro League season 19 campaign against PERA tomorrow, April 30 at 7:30 a.m PT. The North Americans are in Group D alongside PERA, HEROIC, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, BIG, BOSS, and Flyquest.

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