GamerLegion replaces 9Pandas for PGL Copenhagen Major cover image

GamerLegion replaces 9Pandas for PGL Copenhagen Major

Bad luck for 9Pandas.

GamerLegion is at PGL Major Copenhagen after 9Pandas failed to get the five players visas in time for the competition. The suspicion of team substitution had already been raised last night with tweets from players on both teams.

In this way, GamerLegion receives the news of being in the first CS2 Major one day before the tournament starts. The first opponent will be AMKAL in the opening stage.

PGL Copenhagen Major CS2: 9Pandas out, GamerLegion in

Despite winning the Last Chance Qualifier, 9Pandas are out of the MajorThe Russian team only managed to obtain visas for three players to enter the country of the competition, Denmark. With PGL's deadline for the arrival of players ending on March 14, the organizer has now replaced 9Pandas.

9Pandas are replaced by GamerLegion after finishing second in the Last Chance Qualifier for the Major. The European team returns to Major tournaments after finishing second in the last CS:GO Major, the Paris Major.

There have been two changes to the lineup since that achievement and the team is preparing for the clash against AMKAL. There was a fear that replacing teams could affect the seeds and consequently the games in the first round, but this did not happen.

In-game leader of GamerLegion, Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski returns to compete in Majors after his last one was for MOUZ in 2018. One of the more popular Counter-Strike players, the former Virtus.Pro's return will be a welcome surprise for thousands fans.

No Major for 9Pandas

Captain and IGL of 9Pandas Denis "seized" Kostin reacted to the news by saying: "I never felt that empty in my life". The player also said he hopes that Valve makes an exception and keeps the team and player stickers.

(Image via X)
(Image via X)

Remember that players cannot yet purchase team and player sticker capsules, as they are not yet available. The delay caused by 9Pandas could be the reason for the postponement of the sale of capsules for Counter-Strike fans.

After being elected to replace 9Pandas at the Major, GamerLegion reacted to the news on its official profile:

"We're excited for this chance, yet saddened for 9Pandas' talented team, understanding the value of this Major appearance to them.
Not being able to seize the opportunity for Major victory due to visa problems is truly disheartening, and we hope that 9Pandas won't face similar issues in the future."

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