PGL announces Newbie stream for Copenhagen Major cover image

PGL announces Newbie stream for Copenhagen Major

We should always welcome new players to Counter-Strike esports

PGL has announced a newbie stream for the upcoming Copenhagen CS2 Major. The newbie stream is aimed at new players or viewers and will guide them to understanding Counter-Strike esports. It is a welcome step to get more casual players involved in the esports scene. Here’s all we know about the PGL Newbie stream ahead of the Copenhagen Major.

Whether diving into Counter-Strike for the first time or seeking a laid-back viewing experience , Jackyesports  & VinceMetuz  are here to guide you. 

PGL Newbie Stream Copenhagen Major

Counter-Strike might seem to be a very simple game. After all, the main objective of the game is to simply shoot at enemies and eliminate them. However, every Counter-Strike Major is usually a big event.

Millions of viewers tune in and quite a few of them are new players. It is an opportunity to exhibit the game to brand new players and the PGL Newbie stream aims to do exactly that. 

Jack "Jacky" Peters and Vince ‘Metuz’ Hill will be the hosts for the newbie stream. They will be instrumental in helping new players understand some parts of the game as well as how the esports ecosystem works.

In Counter-Strike 2 esports, the official streams often feature X-ray vision. While this is purely for the viewers’ perspective, it might confuse new viewers who might think that players can see through walls. It is the small informative facts like these that will be a crucial component of the newbie stream. 

The PGL Copenhagen Major kicks off on March 17, 2024 and features the best teams in the world. With a $1.25 million prize pool, this event is also the first time a Counter-Strike Major will take place in Counter-Strike 2. 

Counter-Strike 2 released last year with improved graphics, a new sub tick system and as well as responsive smokes. The launch was fairly successful and the entire esports ecosystem has shifted