When did CoD Mobile come out? cover image

When did CoD Mobile come out?

When did the popular mobile game originally release?

Call of Duty Mobile has taken the gaming community by storm. The popular first-person shooter being at the touch of your fingers, anywhere you go, has been a revelation for CoD gamers. But when exactly did the game come out?

Here is the release date and more of Call of Duty Mobile.

C0D Mobile has achieved a great amount of success since its initial release. The game generated over $1 Billion in revenue just after its first year of releasing, and is currently still rising in the ranks.

So when exactly did Call of Duty Mobile come out?

CoD Mobile Release Date:

  • October 1, 2019
CoD Mobile release date (Image via HT Tech)
CoD Mobile release date (Image via HT Tech)

Since then, the game has accumulated almost $2 Billion in revenue and has shown no signs of slowing down. This is a clear indicator that mobile gaming is on the rise, and it is moving up fast.

Is CoD Mobile a Battle Royale?

The mobile first-person shooter is in fact not only a Battle Royale but also a traditional Call of Duty style game. Players can navigate to the Battle Royale mode from the main menu, and prepare to drop in and fight till the last team/person is standing.

With the success of mobile Battle Royale, PUBG: Mobile, it begs the question, "Will CoD Mobile become as popular?"

CoD Mobile release date (Image via The Nerd Stage)
CoD Mobile release date (Image via The Nerd Stage)

With the game's massive success already, fans should expect to see it rise up in the gaming and esports industry. PUBG: Mobile took the world by surprise, after gaining a much higher popularity than the original PC game. Could CoD Mobile do the same? Or is Call of Duty's legacy a bit impossible to surpass?

Regardless, Call of Duty continues to lead the gaming industry with its regular and mobile games.

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