Could Call of Duty Mobile follow in the footsteps of Apex Legends Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games in history. COD Mobile has garnered more than 700 million downloads since its release in 2019 is still going strong into its 7th season of content.

But with other mobile games shutting down, like Apex Legends' port for mobile devices, this leaves players wondering if Call of Duty mobile will follow the same path.

Is COD Mobile shutting down?

In short, no, it's not.

Call of Duty Mobile currently has no plans to slow down its content and will continue to provide a Call of Duty experience on the move for players.

There was a rumor in March 2023, which started after a document leaked suggesting that COD Mobile was going to be "phased out" following the release of Warzone Mobile. Within hours at the time, COD Mobile made a public statement reassuring players that the game is not going anywhere.

When Apex Legends Mobile shut down, it was a buggy mess that fell short of quality expectations at EA. COD Mobile is not at risk of shutting down because of these things. It is a high-quality and enjoyable experience for familiar and new Call of Duty players.

How many people play COD Mobile?

According to data from, COD Mobile is stull retaining 60 million players on average, every month. This player base is speculated to mostly reside in Brazil, with COD Mobile giving a unique opportunity for players in countries that don't get served by traditional console releases to get their COD fix.

COD Mobile player data according to
COD Mobile player data according to

That number has been super consistent ever since the game released in 2019. There has been slight drop off from the original 78 million peak but that's to be expected as the game's lifecycle wore on.

The game is also available in China, with a large portion of the esports players of COD Mobile being from the region. This is the only version of Call of Duty that is available in China, with COD Online shutting down in 2021.

Call of Duty expansion plans

All of the positive things for COD Mobile means that developers behind the game, TiMi Studio, are expanding their efforts.

Warzone Mobile is on the horizon, and already has more than 35 MILLION pre-registers for the game. Warzone Mobile is bringing back the fan-favorite map Verdansk and will absolutely engage players in a nostalgic feeling when it drops.

With all that in mind, Call of Duty Mobile is in a really nice spot. They have a better set of maps than the current console releases and are pulling more and more players away from their controllers and to their mobile devices.

That's all for now on whether COD Mobile is shutting down or not. Be sure to stick with for all the latest Call of Duty Mobile news and guides.