Goodbye Mittens. removes the viral cat bot from its site cover image

Goodbye Mittens. removes the viral cat bot from its site

The world do-meow-nation ends here.

Intelligent chess cat bot, Mittens, had wrapped the world in its tiny paws for the entirety of January 2023. The product was immensely successful and even played a part in Chess' recent boom. But has removed Mittens from its bots selection - and the community will cherish the good (and bad) memories together.

"This is just the beginning. Goobye for now." Mittens posted its farewell message on Twitter.

Mittens says goodbye on <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Twitter</a>
Mittens says goodbye on Twitter

One of the greatest chess memes

Mittens on
Mittens on

On January 1, 2023, introduced a number of cat bots, namely Scaredy Cat, Angry Cat, Mr. Grumpers, Catspurrov, and finally, Mittens. These bots had normal ratings and were a solid challenge for the average chess player. However, Mittens was different than the rest as it held an undisclosed rating and was way smarter than its cat gang.

Mittens grew extremely popular. It was featured in countless videos and content, most significantly by GothamChess and Hikaru Nakamura. was on point with its marketing and it even created an official Twitter account for Mittens. This bot became a great meme and the chess world enjoyed the cat humor.

But all its glory ends now, as Mittens has been removed from In the shoes of the cat bots, you will see a new line of bots with an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) theme. These bots are ChessGPT, Chippy, Pal 9000, Skyweb, and Agent Chess.

A.I bots on
A.I bots on

The Mittens effect

Mittens is a simple concept, but its impact was beyond belief. Mittens has been a huge part of chess growth in the past month. It likely helped, which is the biggest chess community, break its active daily player record, hitting 10 Million on January 20. Recently, also thrived on the Google Play Store, reaching #1 in the Free Apps Top Charts. It is an interesting time for chess enthusiasts as the centuries-old game continues to trend in the modern world.

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