’s intelligent cat bot might return to terrorize the chess world once more.

It's haunting laughter is there again. The ruthless, brutal, (and adorable) Mittens may just be gearing up for a comeback in the chess space. This intelligent cat bot, made by, created havoc in the chess community earlier this year. And Mittens may just return for another round of terror..

Mittens becomes active after eight months of hibernation

If you missed all the Mittens shenanigan in early 2023, here's a quick rundown. Mittens was an AI bot that you can play against on But unlike the other bots, Mittens had an unknown rating and it is incredibly strong. Despite its innocent face, Mittens only knew how to mercilessly destroy and it loved to taunt its opponents.

Mittens' reign ended in late February as removed the bot from its site. The cat bot left a final message before it departed the chess scene, "This is just the beginning. Goodbye for now."

And months later, on December 2, Mittens reappears on Twitter/X. It posted its signature laugh, likely hinting at its return.

Mittens either just spent eight long months hibernating, or it recently found its Twitter password. Nonetheless, the chess community will be warming up to once again beef against the adorable cat bot. x Lofi Girl hints at Mittens' return recently collaborated with the popular music YouTube channel, Lofi Girl. The channel has brought forth an hour long playlist of chill beats that you can enjoy while playing chess. In the video, the Lofi Girl is seen playing on and her room is filled with chess decorations. But a certain figure hidden beside the Lofi Girl seems familiar.. and it's bringing us intense war flashbacks.

Mittens can be seen in Lofi Girls' recent collaboration video with<br>(Image via Lofi Girl)
Mittens can be seen in Lofi Girls' recent collaboration video with
(Image via Lofi Girl)

Is that Mittens on her shelf? Could it be a random Mittens-look alike? We don't think so. And with Mittens' Twitter coming back alive, this could very well mean that the popular cat bot is making a comeback soon! So be ready.

If you're wondering - what's all the hype surrounding this chess cat bot - we have a piece that breaks down why Mittens is so popular. You can find the article below!