collaborates with Lofi Girl for the upcoming Champions Chess Tour cover image collaborates with Lofi Girl for the upcoming Champions Chess Tour

We all need a break from studying sometimes.

It seems like Lofi Girl just picked up a new hobby! The French YouTube channel and music label captured the hearts of many with its livestream of chill music. The livestream is accompanied by an adorable Japanese-style animation, showcasing the "Lofi Girl" studying alongside her cat. And recently, Lofi Girl has started playing on and she got some chill beats to share for your chess sessions!

Lofi Girl plays chess with her cat.<br>(Image via Lofi Girl)
Lofi Girl plays chess with her cat.
(Image via Lofi Girl)

Lofi Girl plays chess in collaboration with

Lofi Girl is one of the go-to music channels that provide relaxing and calm beats. Tons of people tune in to the 24/7 livestream, whether for their study sessions, work hours, or just to wind down and rest. And those who want to play chess in the calm ambience can also now hop on the train!

The YouTube channel, which holds 13 million subscribers, has published a 58-minute long playlist. It comprises 24 tracks for you to enjoy while playing chess. The video, as per usual, shows Lofi Girl on her desk. But in this specific video, she is playing on's website and her room is filled with chess decorations.

A Champions Chess Tour Finals poster is hung up on a wall in front of her. A massive Pawn sits on top of her books. And interestingly, a familiar cat rests on her shelf, and it looks a lot like Mittens.

Champions Chess Tour to conclude

The Champions Chess Tour is the biggest and most significant chess circuit of the year. It comprises many tournaments such as the Airthings Masters and the Julius Baer Generation Cup. This lengthy event will conclude with the CCT Finals which is set to commence on December 9 to December 16.

Champions Chess Tour Finals participants.<br>(Image via
Champions Chess Tour Finals participants.
(Image via

The CCT Finals participants include the world's best chess players like Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, and Fabiano Caruana. We will see them compete in this end-of-the-year showdown live in Toronto, Canada for a slice of the $500,000 prize money.

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