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Will Modern Warfare 2 have Warzone 2? cover image

Will Modern Warfare 2 have Warzone 2?


Modern Warfare 2 is here but where is Warzone 2? Here is everything we know about the game’s release date, gameplay, and more.

Call of Duty fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 but have been wondering what's going on with Warzone 2.
Over the past few months, developers have explained that a brand new Warzone is coming out that will improve on all the issues players had with the original battle royale. But now that Modern Warfare 2 is out, gamers are wondering where Warzone 2 is.

When is Call of Duty: Warzone 2 coming out?

Warzone 2 will be coming out November 16, 2022. This date was confirmed during the Call of Duty: Next event as more and more fans have questioned where it is. Previously, developers said that Warzone 2 was coming in 2023.

What has changed in Warzone 2?

Despite a lot of discussions from developers stating that Warzone 2 is meant to be completely separate from Warzone, there hasn't been a lot of official footage of the new Warzone from Infinity Ward. Luckily some content creators had early access to the game and have shared gameplay. So far, response has been mixed, with some fans enjoying the graphics and movement but some disliking the new looting system.
Warzone 2 will have a lot of gameplay changes, including visual improvements and faster response times. One of the biggest updates is to the loadouts. Gamers can no longer buy loadout drops and will have to use buy stations to buy individual guns at a higher cost.
There is also a new circle mechanic. Multiple circles will be present during matches. These circles will merge together as the match progresses.
One of the most frustrating parts of the original Wazone, Gulag, will also see some updates. It will have 2v2 play as well as a jailer roaming the map. Eliminated players can kill this AI to get his keys and escape back to the game.
Speaking of AI, developers have also been experimenting with having only 100 players in a match at a time, which is smaller than the original Warzone. To make up for that, there may be a few hundred AI soldiers wandering the map to defend areas and objectives.

Warzone 2 new map revealed

Warzone 2 is getting a new map, Al Mazrah, that's set in Western Asia. The map is quite large, bigger than Caldera and Verdansk, and has a lot of locations. Some of these locations will be familiar, like Highrise.
One big difference in this new map is the prominence of water. There will be swimming in the new Warzone as well as the use of boats as a new vehicle.

What will happen to Warzone?

The original Warzone will remain, developers have confirmed. It will have servers for the foreseeable future, which is a relief for players that have unlocked a lot of skins and other cosmetics.
Infinity Ward has explained that Warzone 2 will be on a completely new engine, meaning all progression from the original Warzone won't carry over to Warzone 2. This includes skins and other purchased items.
Olivia Richman
Olivia Richman
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