The question of when Shipment is coming to MW2 is on every player’s mind. You can expect it at the game’s first midseason update.

Shipment is a classic Call of Duty map that delivers fast-paced chaos. The small area, stacked with shipping containers, allows for non-stop, close quarters action. It is a fan-favorite that often garners its own playlist when it arrives. Naturally, players are eager to see it in the latest COD entry. So, when is Shipment coming to MW2? It will arrive with the midseason update of Season 1.

Shipment is coming to MW2 in the middle of Season 1

The MW2 Season 1 roadmap shows that Shipment is coming as part of the midseason update.
The MW2 roadmap shows everything you can expect throughout Season 1 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched on October 28, 2022. For the first few weeks, it was in its Season 0 phase. This gave players ample time to unlock weapon camos, Operator skins and collect XP before the first season began.

Now that Season 1 is here, having launched on November 16, you’re able to unlock and experience everything MW2’s inaugural season has to offer. This includes the start of Warzone 2.0, DMZ, new weapons, new game modes and new maps.

Season 1 introduced Shoothouse immediately as the newest map. The ever-popular Shipment map will follow with Season 1: Reloaded. The midseason content drop is scheduled for December 14, 2022. Along with Shipment, you’ll receive access to Raids, the Chimera assault rifle and a couple of new Operators.

If you simply can’t wait for Season 1: Reloaded, you can find Shipment as a part of the Warzone 2.0 map Al Mazrah. There are several Call of Duty maps from the past included in the battle royale for you to explore and fight through. If the Shipment area found there is similar to the one coming to MW2 multiplayer, you might gain an advantage if you learn how to navigate it’s maze of containers prior to the midseason update.

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