What are ‘Clean Kills’ in MW3? Answered cover image

What are ‘Clean Kills’ in MW3? Answered

Clean as a whistle.

Looking to get “Clean Kills” in MW3, but don’t know how to get them? You’ve come to the right place. 

As you play Call of Duty’s MW3, you’ll encounter a series of challenges. Whether it’s dealing Toxic Damage in zombies or racking up Tactical Stance or Clean Kills, you’re going to have a goal to complete.

As each challenge appears, a new playstyle is required. Sometimes you’ll have to change up your weaponry, or even tweak how aggressive your playstyle is. This is one of the best things about MW3’s gameplay and Clean Kills is one of the most difficult challenges, and it requires a massive change to how you play.

What are Clean Kills in MW3?

A Clean Kill in MW3 occurs when you’ve killed an opponent without getting hurt in the process. So, if you’ve taken a bullet anywhere on your body while fighting an enemy, you’ll have to try again.

However, it also means they can’t even shoot at you. So, make sure you’re shooting them dead before they even get the chance to pull their trigger. This also includes melee, so once they swing their knife, you’ve lost the battle.

How to get them

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

There are several methods for getting clean kills, and most of them are bound to tilt your opponents. Whether it’s hiding and sniping from a distance or sitting around a close corner with a shotgun, you’re bound to piss off a few opponents in the process.

Sneaking up behind your opponents is another viable way to rack up Clean Kills in MW3. Backstabbing might be your best bet for this challenge. So, stay sneaky beaky and try to catch them when they’re not looking.

Otherwise, that’s about all there is to Clean Kills in MW3. Make sure you take your time and wait for the trite moments to get your kills.

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