Warzone Season 2 February 21 Patch Notes: Ban wave, bug fixes, and more  cover image

Warzone Season 2 February 21 Patch Notes: Ban wave, bug fixes, and more 

No more Supermen.

Warzone and MW3’s Season 2 has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, and the February 21 patch notes have addressed some of the issues.

As of late, we’ve seen players flying like Superman through Warzone, and a few bugs making MW3 gameplay hell. Fear not, there are fixes for some issues. So let’s crack into them!

The Cheating Problem

Don’t stress, the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team has detected a spike in cheating reports. To combat this, things like Super Speed and other limited-time perks have been disabled in Warzone.

The Telemetry system was taken offline over the weekend period. Fortunately, this led to a collection of players thinking the anti-cheat had been turned off. In fact, it hadn’t been. Once reactivated, RICHOCHET banned over 6000 cheaters within a four day period.

All February 21 Warzone Patch notes

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Advanced UAV
    • The size of an Advanced UAV has been increased by 2.5 times. 
    • This ensures all of Urzikstan is within view for the player that calls it in.
  • Shock Stick
    • Tactical Camera and Portable Radar Field Upgrades are now affected by enemy Shock Sticks.

Weapon Adjustments

Assault Rifles   

  • MTZ 556 (MWIII)
    • Decreased initial gun kick while firing.
    • Decreased recoil while firing.
    • Max Damage increased to 27, up from 25.
    • Max Damage Range increased to 35.56 meters, up from 24.13.
    • Near-Mid Damage increased to 24, up from 22.
    • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 48.26 meters, up from 35.56.
    • Min Damage increased to 22, up from 20.


  • Haymaker
    • JAK Maglift Kit
    • Decreased aim down sight spread by 20%.
    • Increased rate of fire to 500rpm, down from 357rpm.
    • Decreased damage pellet count to 5, down from 8.
    • Restricted the use of Ammunition Attachments.

Sniper Rifles

  • Longbow
    • Pro-99 Long Barrel
      • Increased aim down sight time to 580ms, up from 550ms.
  • JAK Tyrant 762 Kit
    • Restricted the use of Magazine, Ammunition, and Bolt Attachments.
    • These Attachments were not intended to be compatible with this Conversion Kit and were thus non-functional when equipped.


  • TYR
    • JAK Beholder Rifle Kit
      • Decreased movement speed penalty to 8%, down from 10%.
      • Decreased sprint speed penalty to 8%, down from 20%.
      • Decreased bullet velocity benefit to 50%, down from 100%.


  • Canted Lasers
  • Canted aiming will no longer remove all pellet spread on Shotguns.

Warzone Ranked Play Patch Notes

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Redeploy Drones
    • The total number of Redeploy Drones have been reduced from eight to five.
  • Killstreaks
    • Players will now encounter less CUAVs in loot.

Resurgence Restrictions

  • Killstreaks
  • Mosquito Drones

SR (Skill Rating)

  • Kill & Assist SR
  • Only the following players will receive Kill & Assist credit when a player is eliminated:
    • The player who downed the eliminated player.
    • Players who damaged the eliminated player shortly before they were downed.
    • Players who didn't damage the eliminated player shortly before they were downed will instead earn Squadmate Kill SR when their teammates down and eliminate an enemy.

This change is being made to ensure the competitive integrity of Kill & Assist SR by removing the ability for players to "tap" downed enemies to overinflate their SR gains. The change will also help streamline gameplay by preventing disruptions rooted in prolonging eliminations to "tap". With these changes and our increase to Squadmate Kill SR in Season 2, gameplay should feel just as rewarding and much smoother.

  • Squadmate Kill SR
    • Players will now earn Squadmate Kill SR regardless if they are dead or alive.


  • Addressed an issue where players were incorrectly shown a penalty screen when disconnecting from matches.
  • Players that disconnect from matches forfeit their SR Entry Fee and should not expect additional SR penalties.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing a normal Gas Mask from replacing a Durable Gas Mask.
  • Fixed an issue causing the plating animation to continue on an ascender or zipline.
  • Fixed an issue causing custom loadout perks to disappear after stowing another perk pack.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Ray Gun from appearing after completing the puzzle.
  • Fixed collision issues with various elements allowing Players to exploit.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a Player from using a backup pistol underwater while having a melee weapon equipped.

With all this fixed, hopefully, we won't see any more flying hackers in Warzone.

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