Warzone pro Jukeyz receives ban after watching  bikini stream during tournament cover image

Warzone pro Jukeyz receives ban after watching bikini stream during tournament

Jukeyz has found himself banned from Activision tournaments after his perspective was shown with a bikini streamer on screen.

Warzone tournaments are pretty hype. Players drop in and duke it out to be the last one standing in the Call of Duty battle royale title. Pre-game and between matches can get a bit boring, though. Just ask Liam "Jukeyz" James, whose boredom resulted in a ban.

During the tournament, players must stream their perspective. While a desk segment was happening, multiple streams were shown in the background. One of those was Jukeyz, who was in the middle of watching one of the many Just Chatting streams on Twitch. Activision deemed that enough for a ban.

Jukeyz catches 2 month ban for watching Just Chatting stream in Warzone tournament

(Image via Jukeyz on Instagram)
(Image via Jukeyz on Instagram)

His viewing of the stream is the only logical explanation for the ban, as Jukeyz claims he has been banned for two months from Activision competition. Activision themselves have not released an official statement on the matter.

Twitch has been back-and-forth with their policies regarding this type of content as of late. It is obviously allowed on the platform, but may not be something that the sponsors of the tournament wanted to see, thus giving way to the Jukeyz ban.

Regardless, it's a rather funny moment resulting in a not-so-funny outcome. Unfortunately, the Jukeyz ban will probably stand. The community, and the pro himself, aren't too fond of the decision, but Activision has the final say.

He and some of his fellow Warzone pros and streamers are hoping the ban gets reversed. There has been no word of an appeal or if an appeal is even allowed at this point. We'll provide updates to the situation as they come, if there are any.

In the meantime, if you find yourself in an Activision-hosted Call of Duty tournament, you might want to think twice while waiting for the next match to start. Don't watch the wrong stream and find yourself with a ban.

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