Project Aurora, aka Warzone Mobile, first gameplay footage has leaked cover image

Project Aurora, aka Warzone Mobile, first gameplay footage has leaked

The gameplay footage shows that the original Verdansk is coming to mobile devices.

The first glimpse of what Activision’s upcoming mobile game, Project Aurora, will look like has arrived with some gameplay leaks. While the developer hasn’t revealed an official name yet, the game will be a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone. Many players are directly referring to it as Warzone Mobile.

Verdansk is returning... but to mobile

Verdansk may have left CoD Warzone, but the map appears to be making a return with Project Aurora. The leaked footage from the alpha test shows a map that is identical to the original Verdansk. This will come as a treat for fans who have been asking for its return to Warzone.

The gameplay looks similar to Warzone on console and PC. As expected, the graphics in Warzone Mobile have been significantly toned down to optimize it for smartphones, though.

The footage also showed that up to 150 people will be competing for victory in each game, just like the original Warzone. This is a good sign for players as it ensures that Activision is making Project Aurora resemble the original Warzone experience that players love. Additionally, the footage also shows the on-screen buttons for shooting, reloading, crouching, and jumping. A microphone icon is also seen which indicates that Warzone Mobile will have in-game audio transmission to talk with other players.

When will Warzone Mobile release?

A release date for the upcoming shooter game hasn’t been announced yet. While rumors of a potential mobile version of Warzone were floating around for a while, Activision revealed just last month that it’s working on Call of Duty: Project Aurora.

Even then, the developer didn’t confirm that the game is a mobile version of Warzone. Activision simply said that the upcoming game is a mobile battle royale shooter which will offer fast-paced action.

The closed alpha test for the game is currently underway and the leaked footage is likely from here. Only some players have been invited to participate in the alpha to test out the game and offer feedback. Activision has said that more players will be slowly invited to participate in the test.

Players can’t sign up for the alpha test as it's on an invite-only basis.

Warzone Mobile – the next big shooter for mobile devices?

CoD: Mobile has been an immensely successful title for Activision. The game has already crossed $1.5 billion in revenue and is still going strong. Thus, the announcement of a mobile version of Warzone didn’t come as a big surprise.

The battle royale genre on Android and iOS is currently saturated with games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and the recently-released Apex Legends Mobile. Activision will have to compete with these titles to attract players to Warzone.

Nonetheless, the leaked footage looks promising for Warzone Mobile. If Activision can properly optimize the game, a huge number of players will undoubtedly swarm in to enjoy Project Aurora.

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