Warzone March 19 Update: Every detail listed cover image

Warzone March 19 Update: Every detail listed

Gulag and close-range meta shifts incoming.

The March 20 update for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded has likely filled a collection of gamers with pure joy. It's mainly due to its Gulag changes, but we’ll get into that later.

Close-range weapons are seemingly the target as well in this late-March update. So, keep an eye on nearby corners—SMGs can and will be there, but they won’t be as strong from further distances. In particular, near to mid-range has been changed.

Warzone March 19 Update: All Changes

(Image via Raven Software)
(Image via Raven Software)

Not only has the close-range meta been slightly nerfed. But the Gulag changes have come in to shake things up. No longer will the Night Vision Gulag be a nuisance for a collection of gamers. It’s back to broad daylight and there’s no hiding in the shadows. 

Thanks to the Night Vision change, you no longer need to use an attachment just to be able to spot your opponents. So, say goodbye to your Laser attachments.

Here's everything from the March 19 update:


Submachine Guns


  • Near-Mid Damage decreased to 24, down from 27.
  • Mid Damage decreased to 22, down from 24.


  • Max Damage Range decreased to 11.30 meters, down from 12.95.


  • Soulrender
    • Players will no longer experience a delay after throwing Equipment or swapping to the Soulrender.

Warzone March 19 Gameplay changes


  • Night Vision Gulag has been disabled.

“Laser attachments have been removed and replaced in Gulag loadouts. The introduction of the Night Vision Gulag variant provided a fun twist to the 1v1 experience. That said, in order to accommodate it, we had to add lasers to weapons - which subsequently affected the loadouts of every other Gulag variant. We've since heard the feedback loud and clear, and we're no longer fond of these modifiers impacting the overall Gulag experience. As such, we've made the decision to disable night vision encounters while we work on splitting Gulag loadouts up to better serve each play space variant. Should we decide to bring this particular experience back, it will be with a unique form of engagement in mind.” - Raven Software

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the Final Elimination Cam slow motion effect to persist after getting the final elimination with a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue on Fortune’s Keep that allowed unmanned vehicles to remain attached to the Research Vessel and would eliminate Players that came into contact with it.

That’s all there is to it. The close-range meta has been nerfed ever so slightly. Let’s see what it does to the Call of Duty Warzone landscape in the near future.

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