Vitality have announced their Call of Duty: Warzone roster for the upcoming Esports World Cup, and World Series of Warzone Global Finals.

Vitality is the latest organization to enter Call of Duty, following C9's signing of the New York Subliners. Much like their North American counterpart, the move comes after the Esports World Cup added MW3 and Warzone to the game list. Here's everything you need to know about Vitality's new Warzone roster.

Patzukka, Enxiun, and Stewo join Vitality

Vitality as an organization started off with its Call of Duty team in 2013. And finally, they make their return to COD with an international roster featuring Joni "Patzukka" Nikkanen, Henrijs "Enxiun" Kukulitis, and Steve "Stewo" Fuckner. The trio has been playing together for years at this point, having secured top positions in the World Series of Warzone in Europe regularly.

Their recent results qualified them for the Esports World Cup and the World Series of Warzone. The former kicks off on Jul. 3. The latter is the World Championship of Warzone and features the 34 best teams of the year.

Vitality's Warzone entry a bid for $20 Million

This joins an ongoing series of roster moves across the world, where EWC-featured games are seeing further investment in rosters. With a $20 Million prize pool on the line for organizations performing well across the board, more games mean a hopefully greater share. With the Warzone roster, Vitality now participates in seven games in the EWC. And that initial investment too will be subsidized by the Club Support Program.

The program, of which Vitality is one of 30 members, provides teams with funding to enter new games. This is one of the primary reasons why organizations are currently able to combat the esports winter to an extent, whereas previously they were being forced to scale down.

"I'm delighted to be welcoming another new team to the hive as we set our sights on the club championship at Esports World Cup. Call of Duty was a foundational title for Team Vitality, and I look forward to seeing this awesome roster perform on the biggest stage of them all."

Fabien “Neo” Devide, co-founder and President of Team Vitality

In any case, it is great to see one of the biggest organizations enter the Warzone space, with hopefully more to follow. Vitality's Warzone roster now is:

  • Joni "Patzukka" Nikkanen
  • Henrijs "Enxiun" Kukulitis
  • Steve "Stewo" Fuckner

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