TeeP Trials returns with Tommey and FaZe Bloo amongst elite captains cover image

TeeP Trials returns with Tommey and FaZe Bloo amongst elite captains

The TeeP Trials return with a $20,000 prize pool and several former professional CoD players will be captaining duo teams. Check out all the details inside.

Former Call of Duty professional turned Warzone streamer Tyler “TeePee” Polchow, has reintroduced TeeP’s Trials. The 2v2 Warzone tournament returns featuring the top talent twitch has to offer, with a $20,000 prize pool up for grabs in a double elimination bracket. Watch the event live on his Twitch channel.

eFuse aiming to scout talent through TeeP Trials

eFuse is set to be the event organizer and broadcast platform for the event, and CEO Matthew Benson is more than excited to promote this event to fans across North America. “Discovery in North American esports is thoroughly broken, especially for communities of color and females.”

Benson continued on to discuss the ultimate goal eFuse hopes to accomplish in 2021 and onward: “At eFuse, we’re investing big on events like ‘TeeP Trials’ to spotlight rising talent and pairing them with the real world scouts looking to recruit, develop talent and ultimately hire pro gamers. There’s some real talent out there and we’re going to give them a shot.” 

eFuse are committing a significant part of the $6m they’ve raised, in order to bring in top talent to their platform, with a goal of solving the talent discovery problem in North America. TeeP’s will do exactly that, with such a large audience coming from TeePee himself, as well as the other talent competing in the tournament.

From this, eFuse partners can actively search for talent, while potential candidates can apply for jobs, internships and spots in eFuse’s many combines. These prospects will have an opportunity to showcase their talents, with a chance to break through and make it big.

"It’s so important to me to engage the WZ community and give them more chances to shine"


TeePee keen to give Warzone players a place to shine

Former Pro turned commentator Tyler "<em>TeePee</em>" Polchow
Former Pro turned commentator Tyler "TeePee" Polchow

The Warzone community has grown tremendously over the last year or so, and with the return of this event, TeePee hopes to bring the top players into the spotlight. “It’s so important to me to engage the WZ community and give them more chances to shine,” said Tyler "TeePee" Polchow. TeePee transitioned quite smoothly after retiring from professional Call of Duty in 2016.

The former world champion was able to hop right in the broadcast booth, spending many years behind the camera with the Call of Duty World League.

When asked on commentating rather than playing, TeePee described his enthusiasm for the upcoming event;  “Having been there though, it’s nice to sit back, host and take in all the action. Commentating has been a passion of mine since I stopped competing. The players always give it their all and with eFuse at the helm, it’s sure to be a great show.” 

Future plans and event dates for TeeP Trials

eFuse will not be stopping anytime soon. This four-day TeeP Trials event that will be taking place April 29th, May 3rd, May 10th and a date that has yet to be determined. Management are hoping to continue the partnership with the tournament host for future events on a monthly basis. Regardless, eFuse has an “aggressive schedule” that will feature more of North America’s best.

TeeP’s Trials will kickoff on Thursday April 29th, and have upwards of 15 teams battling it out for a chance at the coveted prize pool. Many of Twitch and Youtube’s best will be competing, including players from FaZe, NRG, Cloud 9 and some former COD professionals. Fans will surely be in for an outstanding event today, and over the two weeks with all the amazing talent competing. 

You can watch the TeeP Trials live on TeePee's Twitch channel. Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest Call of Duty news and updates.