Seattle Surge Roster Revealed as Young Stars Will Lead the Way cover image

Seattle Surge Roster Revealed as Young Stars Will Lead the Way

The Seattle Surge have announced their new line-up. Who headlines this young roster?

The Seattle Surge Roster has been revealed for the upcoming CDL season. The roster will consist of Accuracy, Sibilants, Mack and Pred. This marks the third straight year that the Seattle Surge will begin the season having swapped out three or more players.

The Seattle Surge roster will be brand new once again

Seattle has announced an entirely new roster for their third CDL season. Long time pro, Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi and former Subliner Makenzie “Mack” Kelley will headline the roster. They will be joined by two players entering their rookie seasons. Top Challengers player Daunte “Sib” Gray, and Australian phenom Amer “Pred” Zulbeari will also join the team.

Surge will enter the new season in January with one of the youngest rosters in the league. Certainly, the hope is that 8-year veteran Accuracy can lead his young teammates to a successful season. Mack will be able to jump into a more comfortable role, while Pred and Sib bring in top level SMG play.

Seattle will look to completely turn the franchise around in 2022

The last two seasons for Seattle have quite frankly been abysmal. The 2020 season saw what was supposed to be a “stacked” roster, slowly fall apart all year. Even with five World Championships and over thirty event wins between the players, they failed to achieve anything. A 3rd-4th place finish was all the veteran squad could accomplish in Modern Warfare.

The beginning of Cold War hoped to be different. Superstar AR player Octane would be the only remaining player on the team. A string of new faces was expected to push Seattle towards the top, but numerous bad results early on resulted in more roster changes for the team. The team failed to improve anymore from the 2020 season and has never even sniffed an event win in two years. Their 11-25 record sat fourth-worst in the CDL.

So the solution? Completely uproot their roster and coaching staff. The team will be going into 2022 with a brand new identity. The youth movement has begun and this Seattle Surge roster is poised to see more success than previous years. While it is still very early to predict how good this team really is, expect this team to be good towards the middle of the season after meta changes throughout the league. However, newly appointed head coach, Fenix, will look to get the squad in top shape for January.

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