It has been all smiles this weekend from the Surge this weekend and we hope to see more as we approach the business end of the season.

Seattle Surge fans are in high spirits after their team pulled off a dramatic 3 - 2 win against Optic Chicago, bringing an end to a 10 game losing-streak that began in April.

While it doesn't do all that much to help the team much in the overall standings, that won't stop the Surge from celebrating their first CDL win since they beat Florida back in April. It was a moment filled with joy for both players and fans alike, especially since many would have counted them out of the tie even before the first trigger had been pulled.

Seattle also managed to snap their winless streaks in both Control and Search & Destroy when they took maps 3 and 5. Surge fans will undoubtedly be hoping that these are signs for better things to come as they head into their match with the Paris Legion on Sunday.

Octane and Gunless get the Job done

There were a lot of noteworthy moments that took place during the series. But it was the dynamic duo of Octane and Gunless that stole the show. The two AR players for the Surge came up big for their team in the Respawns. Octane was especially instrumental as he put on yet another dominant performance all throughout, as well display a bit of acrobatic skill on the Raid Search & Destroy.

The pair have been a joy to watch for many CoD fans, though like with their team, have been struggling to find that little bit of consistency that could make them that much more a problem. However, since picking up Classic from the Paris Legion at the start of Stage 4, it seems that the Seattle Surge have taken a massive step towards finding that which could make them a genuine threat in the Call of Duty League.

Cause For Concern For OpTic

This match marks the second loss for OpTic Chicago so far in Stage 4. FaZe Clan brushed past OpTiC Chicago a few weeks ago. Unlike that FaZe loss however, this series was quite close, with all four members of the Greenwall putting up high numbers. That being said this will certainly be a tough loss to swallow, especially when considering the fact that Seattle were winless in both Search & Destroy and Control going into this match.

OpTic now find themselves in a rather difficult situation in terms of their seeding for the Stage 4 Major. There is a chance that they could be starting in the Losers Bracket. But that will of course depend on how they perform against the newly reformed LA Thieves roster in the marquee match on Sunday. The match is one of the highlights of the current week.

It has been all smiles this weekend from the Surge this weekend and we hope to see more as we approach the business end of the season.

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