Scump Wins $100K World Series Of Warzone Solo Yolo Tournament cover image

Scump Wins $100K World Series Of Warzone Solo Yolo Tournament

Scump pulled off an incredible performance to claim victory in the $100K World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo tournament.

Verdansk was filled with all sorts of emotions on November 17, as OpTic Texas player Seth "Scump" Abner won the $100K World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo tournament. Seth also finished with a record high 11 kills in what was an action packed Warzone match for the ages. Here is a recap of what went down.

Scump Wins $100K Solo Yolo Tournament

Match Recap

Prior to the Solo Yolo, Scump had also been partaking in the duos portion of the World Series of Warzone with his OpTic teammate Shotzzy; who was also competing in the solo tourney.

Seth was, by all intents and purposes, considered to be a bit of an underdog heading into this tournament; where he would be facing the likes of Aydan, HusKerrs, and FaZe Swagg in a winner take all match. Although "The King" is no stranger to competing in high-stakes CoD matches, Scump really had his work cut out for him in this solo tournament.

Scump's tournament got off to a rather cagey start as he found himself entering into the Gulag after the second zone rotation. Though he managed to get out with relative ease he still found himself heading into the final few zones with his pistol, no armour and without a self-revive. And there were still over 30 players left in the tournament.

With little to no choice, Scump dove for his final loadout drop hoping to get himself back in the game. Then, through a display of shear determination, Scump managed to gun down several riot-shield wearing players with his Diamatti pistol; providing with the ammo and armour he would need for the final circle. Then after a few more action packed minutes, Scump gunned down Duos Champion HusKerrs to set up a 1v1 against Aydan. And after a moment of shear finesse from the former World Champion, and an insane gas mask play, the rest was history.

A Special Occasion In CoD Esports

This momentous occasion for the seasoned CoD pro meant that his tournament earnings had officially broken the $1 million mark; making him just the 6th person to accomplish this feat via CoD.

While Scump has won dozens of titles in the 10 years that he has been competing, this is a rather unique accolade to add to his collection. With his win in the Solo Yolo tournament he has become the only CoD player to have won both a COD World Championship and a World Series of Warzone title.

And finally, in a moment that was filled with a lot excitement and intrigue, it further underlines that even in a Battle Royale setting, CoD pros like Scump are more than a match for the top Warzone players.

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