Vikul had choice words for OpTic Texas and the Greenwall.

It's a sad day for the Greenwall, as reigning Call of Duty League (CDL) Major 3 Champions OpTic Texas have been eliminated from Major 4. In the team's only weekend match, they battled rivals the Miami Heretics and lost in Neslo fashion. Although the expectations were low, OpTic has reached a low point in an otherwise stellar Modern Warfare 3 season.

Miami Heretics eliminate OpTic Texas and finish T-12

OpTic's struggles during CDL Stage 4 have been well-documented for the last several weeks. After a win at Major 3, OpTic appeared ready to claim their spot atop the league. However, the reigning champions followed up a monumental win with a 1-6 record in Stage 4. This rough stretch included a loss to a struggling Boston Breach.

Despite OpTic's woes, there was reason to believe Shotzzy, Dashy, Pred, and Kenny would turn it around. Unfortunately, CDL Major 4 proved OpTic Texas has reached its low point this season. In a match against their rivals, the Miami Heretics, a team they have not lost to since Stage 1, OpTic could not buy a Search & Destroy or Control.

OpTic Texas won their opening map at CDL Major 4, Hardpoint on Sub Base, by a score of 250-183. The Miami Heretics rallied back in maps two and three, winning the Search & Destroy 6-3 and Control 3-0. OpTic struck back with a 250-233 victory in map four before the fifth map went down to the wire.

Ultimately, the final map, Search & Destroy on Karachi, went to round 11, where Kenny was left in a 1v3 situation and could not clutch up. A pair of 11-kill performances by MettalZ and ReeaL vaulted Miami over the reigning champs, who finished 12th at CDL Major 4.

The community reacts to OpTic's early exit

Heretics player Vikul had strong words for OpTic Texas following his team's victory at CDL Major 4, stating, "F*** OpTic and f*** the Greenwall." The two teams have clashed several times, usually with OpTic Texas coming out victorious. Dashy reacted to the loss on X, saying, "Can't even describe this.. GGs Miami, gotta [sic] lock it in for Champs in a few weeks." Dashy was the only player to go positive in their only series at CDL Major 4.

It's unclear where OpTic Texas will go from here, but they have some work to do before the Call of Duty League Championship, which is coming up shortly.

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