Player’s can’t even go beyond the main menu.

Warzone’s January 17 Update has been criticized across the Call of Duty community, and even developers from Raven Software are well aware of how poorly it landed.

The sheer amount of issues led to Raven Software apologizing in a same-day X/Twitter post. Developers said that “the current state of the update does not meet our standards for quality and gameplay,” and it seems Warzone fans agree. 

Fear not, these issues are being fixed. However, it seems there is a lot to sift through. CODUpdates has posted 10 different issues on X since its release, and the updates haven’t stopped yet

Warzone’s January 17 Update Explained

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

The January 17 Warzone update added things like the Night Vision Gulag, Playlist changes, and a collection of weapon changes. But as soon as players logged on, gamers dropped in to experience the “worst update (they’d) ever seen.”

Players have experienced bugs preventing them from entering the game, paired with a mixture of visual issues making gameplay near impossible. These visual bugs mostly appear when players are opening Loadout drops scattered across the map. Once opened, their screen will flash with black bars on the top and bottom of their screen. 

​​The issues don't end there. Champion’s Quest has been disabled and has no set date for their return, according to Raven Software. Also, certain weapons like the HRM-9 SMG, Dog Houses, and Turrets have been plagued with issues.

This has led to gamers across the globe venting their frustration to Raven Software on social media. Pair this with the missing Ranked Play in MW3, and you’ve got some unhappy customers

With any luck, every issue will be fixed in no time. Soon, we’ll all be back in Warzone servers without any issues again and we can put the January 17 update behind us.

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