Warzone streamer Rallied faces heavy backlash following racist comments

A video was released Thursday morning via Jake Lucky on Twitter, featuring popular Warzone streamer Rallied. The video contains the streamer using multiple racial slurs and hate speech towards African-American individuals.

Rallied exposed for racist comments

The COD community was shocked Thursday morning after a video surfaced of Warzone streamer, Rallied, making racist remarks. The video consists of him saying degrading and racist comments about individuals not seen in the video. He also made a comment about killing them. 

The audio in the video, released by Esports Talk's Jake Lucky, contains expletive language, so watch at your own discretion. 

The streamer is now facing a ton of backlash regarding the incident. Multiple personalities have come out to speak about the situation as well. Members of the Warzone community and wider Twitch streaming community expressed their disappointment in him on Twitter.

Mental abuse accusations abound

The news didn’t end there, with Rallied exposed yet again. Two former partners of his have taken to Twitter, accusing him of mental abuse during their relationships. Isla Jae, an ex-girlfriend, tweeted; “I didn’t want to have to do this. After a year of being harassed (and) staying silent, knowing full well the trauma I was put (through) from you I’m not going to let this one slide.” She released text messages between the two that can be seen here.

Twitch streamer Azalia Lexi also came out to speak about her past experiences with the former OpTic member. She went on to talk about how she believes Rallied hasn’t changed from his old ways. She also stated that he hasn’t taken accountability in the past, but hopes this coming to light will help him take that step.

Rallied initially released a Twitlonger explaining the situation with both Isla and Azalia, from his point of view. He has since deleted the Twitlonger, but we've backed it up here.

"The video, I got sent this video 2 days ago on Instagram DMs by a close friend of mine who knows I'm a good guy and was trying to look out," Railled said in the Twitlonger. "I spent about 2-3 hours just listening to it over and over absolutely sick to my stomach at what I was hearing. If we're being completely honest I was in an extremely dark place of deep depression and alcoholism so I legitimately cannot recall the time frame around this video and I want to get a legal team to view the legitimacy of the video. What I can say is that if this 1-2-year-old video is genuinely me saying these things I can assure you guys that I am not the same self-hating man today that I would've been at the time of the video."

Rallied a "changed man" since time of the leak

After deleting that post, Rallied took some time to put together an apology video regarding both matters on YouTube. The video starts with a shaky voice, and he became quite emotional when speaking about the released video.

"The person I am today, to hear my old self talk like this just really breaks my heart. And I am deeply sorry for anyone that I offended."

Rallied on the leaked video in his apology.

Rallied has announced that he will be stepping away from the scene to better himself and deal with the consequences. However, any punishments remain unknown.

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