The Major 3 tournament for Call of Duty League, here’s all the details on what to expect and how to get in the door.

OpTic Gaming have revealed details of their Call of Duty League Major, taking place on March 9-12, 2023. The event will be the second OpTic Major since the Call of Duty League went franchised. The first edition of the event was during last year's Vanguard season.

OpTic won their home Major last season, taking home the first event of Vanguard. This time they will have to do it without the help of former World Champion Seth "Scump" Abner.

OpTic Texas won their home Major in the 2022 season. Photo via Call of Duty League.
OpTic Texas won their home Major in the 2022 season. Photo via Call of Duty League.

OpTic started their post-Scump journey with two wins ahead of the Major 2 tournament in Boston. Because of his retirement, Scump will be doing meet and greets at Major 3.


The OpTic Major 2023 will be held in the Arlington Esports Stadium in Texas. Call of Duty has held a fair share of events at the venue. The arena is owned by Envy Gaming, which was consumed by the OpTic brand before the beginning of the Vanguard CDL season.

The venue also hosted the first three LAN tournaments in the Call of Duty league following the Covid-19 pandemic. That included Major 4 and Major 5 of that season. The CDL took the World Championship to LA that season.

Arlington Esports Stadium. Photo via Dallas Fuel.
Arlington Esports Stadium. Photo via Dallas Fuel.

OpTic have said the event will be "more than just a Call of Duty tournament". They want to piggyback on the festival atmosphere that was felt during the Major 1 tournament in Raleigh in December.

They will have the entire venue dedicated to the event, with the expo-centre that is part of the venue also included for the event.

OpTic Major 2023 Tickets

Tickets are going live on Jan. 25 with a 24-hour pre-sale for OpTic Nation Gold members. They will then be put on general sale following that on Jan. 26.

Tickets will go on sale on January 25 on OpTic Texas' <a href=";utm_medium=tweet&amp;utm_campaign=major_3">website.</a>
Tickets will go on sale on January 25 on OpTic Texas' website.

OpTic Nation Gold members will also get exclusive merchandise opportunities at the event with more benefits to be announced before the event.

OpTic Major 2023 Challengers Open

Unlike previous events in Texas, Call of Duty Challengers will be involved. There will be a 64-team Open bracket at the event.

As much as it is a good thing to have an Open there, it is a clear step back from the rest of the year, with fewer team passes available for competition.

Previous events this season have had 96 team passes available for teams to take part in Open brackets. These passes sold out quickly and have left multiple top teams without the ability to compete.

The Raleigh Open had 104 teams take part, 40 more than will be able to play in Texas. It makes it feel as though OpTic are only hosting an event because they have been mandated to do so, rather than out of wanting to hold one.

There was some worry that Team Passes for the event would be sold at a pre-sale to OpTic Nation Gold members but that is not the case.

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