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NHL Montreal Canadiens join Overactive Media Ownership Group


Montreal Canadiens join Overactive Media Ownership Group, who own Mad Lions, Toronto Defiant and Toronto Ultra.

NHL’s Montreal Canadiens are joining the Overactive Media ownership group, the organization to the Mad Lions, Toronto Defiant and Toronto Ultra.
Overactive Media Ownership Group are becoming the go to for Canadian esports as they bring forth a number of new investors. Since joining esports through the Toronto Defiant in 2018, the ownership group are becoming leaders in esports. Now, they will continue to grow with a $40 million support system of sports based investors. These investors include two NHL players and an entire NHL team in the Montreal Canadiens. 

What is Montreal Canadiens Role in Overactive Media

The Montreal Canadiens will be very active in esports moving forward. In addition, Overactive Media stated they raised $40 million dollars in brokered and non-brokered financing. That being said, While Montreal Canadiens do not make up all of the sum, it is likely they are the majority of recent funding.
Equally important, Phil Kessel and Carl Hagelin of the Arizona Coyotes and Washington Capitals make up the remainder of the sum.
In the press release, it states that the Montreal Canadiens plan on playing a leadership role in Overactive Media’s esports teams.
"We are thrilled to be joining this already strong partnership group led by the Kimel family, Sheldon Pollack and Bell. We have been following the incredible progress of the OverActive Media team for more than two years.” States Geoff Molson, President, CEO and Co-Owner of the Canadiens. “They are an impressive operation and clearly a leading organization in the global esports industry. We could not be more excited for our future together."
Molson is joining an organization that is now the go to for Canadian esports and recent LEC Champions.

Overactive Media’s Mad Lions Are LEC Champions

Just a few days ago, the Mad Lions became the LEC 2021 Spring Split Champions after their reverse sweep against Rogue in the finals. Winning the LEC Split is a big stepping stone for the young LEC team. 
After a disastrous performance at the 2020 LoL World Championships, the Overactive Media LoL team are now the best team in Europe. Furthermore, they now become just the fourth LEC team to ever win a split. Now, Mad Lions will be the LEC representative at the 2021 Midseason Invitational, a first for the organization.

Overactive Media’s Plans For Esports

Overactive Media are becoming a top esports ownership group and have momentum on their side. Also, with good Toronto base and an exceptional LEC team in Mad Lions, things are looking great for Overactive Media.
"We are proud of the tremendous momentum we have gathered ahead of our planned public listing," added Overholt. "Announcing the addition of the Montreal Canadiens, Phil Kessel and Carl Hagelin to our ownership group is a tremendous honour. We are humbled by their interest and incredible support for our business.
The Montreal Canadiens are sure to be a boon for Overactive Media moving forward. However, It will be interesting to see how far these two parties will be able to make progress in esports together.

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