NYSL announced a new line of NFTs featuring the best moments from the team’s 2021 season. Fans are not pleased.

The New York Subliners are facing backlash from the Call of Duty community after announcing their own line of NFTs. Here is a brief explanation regarding the situation.

New York Subliners NFT causes Backlash

Earlier today Andbox, the group that own both the NYSL franchise in the CDL, announced that they will be producing their own line of NFTs. These, according to a tweet on the NYSL page, will give their fans a chance to own a part of their ever-growing history.

Andbox initially hinted at their intentions with a tweet they made back in October. And while there haven't been any further details as to what these NFTs will look like and when we can expect them to be released, we know that most of the updates will be coming from the AndBox discord. The link to which you can find in the above tweet.

This has seemingly not gone over too well with several people within the CoD community across several platforms. Several users have taken to the CoDCompetitive Reddit page to voice their frustrations, with many quick to call out the organization for what they believe is an obvious cash grab on their part.

The community is not pleased with the NFT news. Screengrab via Reddit.
The community is not pleased with the NFT news. Screengrab via Reddit.

The NYSL are not the only team to have received backlash for dipping their feet into the NFT space. OpTic Gaming found themselves coming under fire after they released their new "Optic Coin" a few months ago which has left a sour taste in many people's mouths. And unfortunately, this probably won't be the last time that we hear about esports orgs entering what many see as being a troubling sept of the community.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for "Non-fungible Token." They are a form of cryptocurrency in which people trade random objects for another one. It is essentially like a digital version of trading or bartering. For a more detailed explanation on what NFT's are, head on over to this article by The Verge.

NFTs are generally looked down upon by the gaming community. Because they are exchanged in a digital format, many have compared NFTs to microtransactions; an age-old enemy within the gaming community. It is with that in mind that many view them as being a huge scam for consumers.

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