Nadia Amine continues to be accused of cheating, especially after a MW2 LAN event. But is she cheating or just trolling?

Nadia Amine is one of the fastest-growing female Call of Duty: Warzone content creators — and she is also one of the most accused in the scene. As Call of Duty players continue to accuse Nadia of cheating, she lashed out on social media.

"All you little boys with a fragile masculinity that can't accept a woman is just better, it's time to face the reality: you are dogshit," Nadia said after repeating that she doesn't cheat in Warzone.

Nadia Amine posts an abundance of TikTok videos showing off her skills in the battle royale, including clips of her beating some of the best Warzone players in the world. She is also one of the most-viewed Warzone streamers on Twitch. While this has gained her millions of followers, it's also raked in a heavy amount of ridicule.

Nadia has been the subject of ongoing harassment, with boys all over the internet making clips of her making sandwiches and getting her swatted by the police, a very dangerous form of trolling that has resulted in deaths in the past. So what is making gamers mad enough to send the police to her house? Apparently Nadia has been cheating in Warzone this whole time.

Even in a video of her beating Biffle, Swagg, Aydan, and other top players in a custom game, viewers called the TikTok fake and accused her of being in a bot lobby. Many of the comments include people wondering why the opponents are just "standing" there instead of moving around the map. Others noted the default skins on most of the other players. In some videos she also appears to be looking at a different screen, leaving people suspicious.

Nadia was also invited to the MW2 LAN event, which had even more people suspicious. There are numerous videos all over the internet comparing her LAN play to her online play, which many people are using as proof that she uses aim hacks during her streams.

Is Nadia Amine trolling the Call of Duty community?

At this point, some players even wonder if Nadia is trolling the gaming community to purposefully get hate engagement. The blatant cheating and obviously fake clips have people debating if Nadia is hoping to rile up Call of Duty bros online with her cocky attitude and clear hacks.

She will often taunt viewers by saying she will be the next member of FaZe. One TikTok video starts off with her stating: "I'm the best sniper on the newest Call of Duty, MW2. I mean, you might as well call me FaZe Nadia."

Another video appears to be self aware of her poor performance at the LAN. Despite showing numerous clips of her missing almost every shot she took, she started the video by saying she was voted for having the "number one gunny" at the LAN event. The comments included many gamers noting that she seemed to be "accepting" that the gig was up.

For now, Nadia Amine has not outright come out to say that she's cheating or hacking. It's still very much possible that she's truly a beast at Warzone, with many people claiming there isn't enough proof to say that she's cheating without a doubt. While Nadia is under more scrutiny than the average Call of Duty streamer due to being a woman, many of her clips and her inconsistent performances have the community skeptical that there may be some truth behind the accusations.