Nadeshot responds to Crimsix’s OpTic Dynasty comments: “He made up a bullsh** story” cover image

Nadeshot responds to Crimsix’s OpTic Dynasty comments: “He made up a bullsh** story”

“I have no desire to talk to him right now.”

Tempers have flared between former professional Call of Duty players Ian “Crimsix” Porter and Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag following backhanded comments on the recent OpTic Dynasty podcast. The two notably teamed together before Nadeshot retired from competition in 2015 before the OpTic Dynasty took shape. 

Nadeshot and Crimsix, alongside Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “FormaL” Piper, had won three consecutive events ahead of the Call of Duty Championship 2015. Crimsix took aim at Nadeshot for his mentality heading into the year’s most significant tournament, and Nadeshot has responded. 

What did Crimsix say about Nadeshot on the podcast?

Crimsix took a moment to discuss Nadeshot’s place on OpTic Gaming during the Advanced Warfare season. He alleged that Nadeshot said he would donate his CoD Champs winnings to charity as a tax write-off. 

“This honestly checked me, and I think this is why I played like dogsh**,” said the former Call of Duty pro. “He [Nadeshot] is like, if we win, I’m going to donate to charity—tax write-off.”

This was said only to Crimsix, contributing to the team’s downfall at CoD Champs. The former Dynasty continued discussing, clarifying that Crimsix needed to win while Nadeshot only wanted to win. 

After the clip ended, FormaL, Scump, and Crimsix collectively said they were ready to drop Nadeshot after the tournament. Ultimately, Nadeshot retired, and the Dynasty came to be with the addition of Damon “Karma” Barlow. 

Nadeshot responds to Crimsix

As the viral clip gained recognition, Nadeshot issued a statement on X, denouncing Crimsix’s claims. 

“Just to be clear, that OpTic Dynasty podcast clip where @Crimsix just made up an imaginary story out of thin air about my prize earnings and tax write offs is truly insane.

Trust me, as much as I would love to sound charitable and financially savy, me at 22 years old was far from it. Normally I wouldn’t comment on something like this, but it’s bizarre to hear such an unnecessary lie from 8 years ago to justify his average performance. 

Here’s the deal, we were a dominant team. We won three events in a row prior to champs. We lost the big one and that will be what most people remember about my time on the roster. Did they accomplish more with Damon after? Absolutely. Was Damon a better player than me? Absolutely. But the fact of the matter is I helped win us those tournaments and you can’t take that away from me.

I helped build that team with Hector, Scump and many others so I’m not gonna sit back and let Ian bullshit about my effort and competitive drive. I was ridiculed, trolled and blamed for anything that went wrong on stage and I promise you that I’m not looking for pity. I just want the record to be straight. I cared deeply about the success of that roster and I’m proud of the championship moments I contributed to during my tenure on OpTic.

I’ve spent the last 8 years being a footnote on that team’s legacy and I won’t let Ian’s delusions be what you remember about our roster and that tournament.”

Nadeshot responds to Crimsix's comments

Nadeshot expands on his thoughts during a Twitch stream

Nadeshot elaborated further on his Twitch stream the following day, explaining how Crimsix’s comments affected him. “Crimsix made up a web of an imaginary tale in his head and voiced it out,” he said. 

The current 100 Thieves co-owner said that his desire to win was never in question. He also felt that Scump could have defended him more than he did. Nadeshot confirmed that Crimsix reached out to apologize. However, he said he has no desire to speak with him and will accept the apology when he is ready. 

Crimsix responds, Nadeshot bows out of Black Ops 2 Charity LAN

Since this conflict between two veteran Call of Duty players went viral, Crimsix issued a statement, doubling down on the "tax write-off" comment while also apologizing to Nadeshot.

All I’ll say for now, I apologized to Nade about my comment. I haven’t been able to talk to him about it yet. On the Dynasty Podcast, I brought it up as a clear my name sort of conversation, which was also in line with the theme of the podcast. It was my mistake to involve someone who wasn't in that room. It had no relevancy to the topic, and I only said it because, back then, I was blamed for Nadeshot retiring. I've always wondered how people could logically reach that conclusion because in what world would I have the influence/power to do that? Since then, on numerous accounts Nade has publicly ridiculed me and only me for wanting him to get dropped when I knew that in reality it was the entire team that did. I didn’t say a word at the time because I’d rather take blame individually than throw my teammates under the bus collectively.

Crimsix's statement on the Nadeshot situation

Nadeshot ultimately backed out of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Charity Event.

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